Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary :)

Thank you for being there when i was sad,
Thank you for being there when i have bad mood,
Thank you for being there when i have my-bitchy-time-called pms,

above of all,

thank you for being there in happy and good times.

you are always there in ups and downs times.

You're the one who i'll call when i have a bad mood and bad news,
as well as when i have a good news.

You're very supportive in everything that i do,
even though, you hate that.

You, not the one, who would give me a only a cheering words to make me feel better,
but you the one who give me improvement and advices words, who make me better.

when i have to choose sudden decision,

you are the one who i will always ask.

You, never fails to make me smile.

Happy 2 year anniversarry

Bum, a poetry to Ben.
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