Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Posting in the middle of night

hi my bloggers,

just when i promised not to 'bolos' to posting, i just skipped about almost 3 days!

well, on friday till sunday, i accompanied my friend, dika, who gonna leaving to Ternate soon because her husband is there and she has able to mutated herself to move there. Last weekend, she had meeting at Hotel Santika and since her room is for two person, but only her that stay there, she invited me to stay at hotel also. So on Friday, i stayed there :D

well, that was like a fresh air for me, escaping from my room in Mampang and Pamulang to stay in different places but still in Jakarta. I enjoyed watching Pay Tv there (hihi) and catch up my old serial tv series ( heroes, desperate housevives, ugly betty ) which i already skipped so long :p

on Sat ( my friend is still training) i went to Pasific Place, that was first time since Jakarta Fashion Week :p) we had lunch at Pancious Pancake (still one of favorite restaurant at PP) and my bf bought Ipod Touch there, wow, im so envy his Ipod Touch, but actually im not big fans of Ipod ( i even barely uses my ipod shuffle).

On sunday, i went to Istana Negara dan Istana Merdeka with Sahabat Museum community together with almmost 1000 people who also went there. The trip actually is short but the abundant of people whose join this trip makes slowing the whole event.

First, we met at Duta Merlin for registration (well, imagine this, almost 1000 people should be registered), then, we listen explanations about Hotel Des Indies which once was located at Duta Merlin, then we walked to Seketariat Negara next to Duta Merlin and from there, we got to Instana Negara with shuttle bus.

Arrived at Istana, we converge at a hall, and the protocol give us some brief presntation about those two palaces. After that, we started touring. Only one Istana that we can enter, which is Freedom Palace since State Palace is still used as a resident for SBY.

At Freedom Palace we saw the metting hall for president and first wife to greet his/her guests which also decorated with lot of art thingies from entire Indonesia. Actually, the palace was not as big as i imagine. As matter of fact, the size just like my grandmas house back then. :D

After touring, we back to Duta Merlin and got Ragusa Ice cream. Overall was nice, but i think Sahabat Museum should limiting their guests. Let's say only 300 people a day and they could make this event as a regular, so people can choose their day not all people joint in the same day. too crowded. Well, im lucky my number of registration is still in 100s, so im on the firsts group whose experiences the tour, but i just can't imagine people whose on 800s. How long they should waited ? Even, when i was about home, i still saw people queueing in the fron of Seketaris Negara, not enter just yet. wow.

I also went to Museum Nasional again, to accompany my beibeb who havent visit that museum. This time, the museum is full with chilidren since this holiday time for them. From that, we back to hotel to got dinner with dika.

And monday, we back to work agaaiin.... huuuh.. but the traffic is quiet. I even can sit on the bus transjakarta. yey :D

and i can't wait to my holiday next week. :D


PS: oh, about why i posting on middle of night. i just wake after a hard stomatchache last night. :(. It was very hard, i was wanted to taken 2 pills paracetamol, but i able to managed myself to not get that extra paracetamol #deritawanita


Cika Sugeng said...

Visiting the museum.. hmmm... thought it's kinda ge*k or ne*d but VERY INTERESTING!! hahaha *kidding ya Bul* proud of you Bulan My dear... #IndonesiaUnite

bulan said...

hauuahuahhauhua :D

for some people, indeed it is :p tp jadi alternative holiday banget lohh... kadang2 bosen cmn ke mall2 aja :D


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