Monday, December 14, 2009

i miss you prameswari

hi all,

I browsed through one of album of my very bestfriend, Jihan. the album titled 'prameswari', which consits of me, dika, upik and Jihan.

That photo album brings my memory back, the half of them is when we had our first trip togehter (which only four of us) to Barcelona. I still remember, how happy we are and also the silly fights that we had there. Just because each of us, really know and understand each habits, we try tolerate, eventhough it was so hard :).

Jihan who so mother-ly, The organized and love-to-clean Upik, the dilligent and it-is-so-hard-and-complicated Dika and me (oh, describe me, girls!). After 6 years, two of us has already married. three of us (including me) find her soulmate in Amsterdam and also in the same year (about 4 years ago, right girls ?

And eventhough we are so apart half-world (literally), just remember we still have each others. And we still have facebook and SMS ;)...

I love you girls. Prameswari.

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