Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine is coming...

After 4,5 years together, im not that exited for valentine. well this year will be different though :D

Anyway... i want to share you one old song from Bread. My bf likes Bread so much, and because of him, i like Bread as well. Today, i browse to youtube and listen some of their songs. Our favorite is Bread-Make It With You ( well, ofcourse there is story behind this song ;). However, i also like this song :

BREAD - Baby I'm A Want You

yes baby, I'm A Want You and I'm A Need You :)

lumuanu. :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

got much things to do..

that's the reason why i skipped so much time not blogging...
lot things to do, beside work, i also enjoying :
1. reading lot books, now im reading "Anne and The Green Gables". Suprisingly, this is a beautiful story. :)
2. watching manga a lot. hihi, i just finished watch " Super Cooking Boy, Liu Mao Tsing". :p
3. Since my bf just bought Ipod Touch, everytime im with him, im playing his new gadget :p
4. Just like usual, playing a lot with my social media, facebook and twitter...
5. and busy preparing.... err... *silent*

hehehe c you next post, bloggers :)