Thursday, September 25, 2008

How do I define happiness ?

While i'm reading 'eat, pray love' from Elizabeth Gilbert, in one chapter she asked this question to herself, tries to define what is happiness to her. Meanwhile, in order to find the answer she traveled to Italy, India and Indonesia. Italy represents to food , pleasure, in India she seeks God and religion and in Indonesia, she tried to found out the balance between all those two. The magic I's, as she said.

This is a good book, even though, i still read third of it :p.

and back to question, how do I define happiness? and I still couldn't exactly answer that.

Family, best friends, traveling, lover, works, God may be the answers. But i have quite plenty experiences when i got in deep sadness because some of them. however, i conclude, those things could not guarantee my happiness.

My life is full with my own expectations which sometimes neglected myself to truly enjoy happiness itself.

or maybe just like Liz, I should first define what I really like to do before i can define happiness. and this another question comes out....

What I really wanna do... to make me happy.

this is what pop out in my mind:

1. traveling.

2. meet my dear best friends and have holiday together :)

3. holiday

4. holiday

well, it isn't good to think something like this in 2 days before lebaran’s holiday. :D

well, sudahlah. think about this later. :D

however, I really recommend this book. It’s entertaining your soul J

Friday, September 19, 2008



Mengumpulkan teman2 belanda di jakarta lebih susah dari mengumpulkan teman belanda d i belanda....

:( miss you all

My firsts...

My firsts for :

1. THR (huehuehuehuehuehue......... happy)
2. Credit card ( in the day i got THR, BNI also approved my credit card :D)
3 Parcel gift from client ( I got 1 box of dates which is consists of 12 small boxes) Kurma doank seh, tapi noraknya dapet parcel kyk dpt apa aja :p

4. lebaran di Indonesia after 5 years away... Well, this means something,... i miss my mom so much, but i try to be happy with my current family, and I know God helps me on this.

Happy 10 days before idul fitri, temansss................ :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Gading vs Gajah

Gajah-gajah berantem
Gading retak di tengah-tengahnya.


saya ini gadingnya...