Monday, November 30, 2009

weird day


i am so tired today. can't type anything, just wonder how weird today is. 2 suicides on 2 malls between 1 day? it is so weird. Even Gi dan sency become a trending topic on twitter. And this-and-that that comes up on my life has completed my weird day.

well, for a while just listen to my favorite song from Endah n Rhesa. When you love someone. im so happy... its like.. i falling in love with Room Eleven on Holland, and in Indonesia, im in love with Endah n Rhesa. :)

Endah N Rhesa - When You Love Someone Lyric:

I love you but it’s not so easy to make you here with me
I wanna touch and hold you forever
But you’re still in my dream
And I can't stand to wait ‘till nite is coming to my life
But I still have a time to break a silence
When you love someone
just be brave to say that you want him to be with you
when you hold your love
don’t ever let it go
or you will loose your chance
to make your dreams come true...
I used to hide and watch you from a distance and i knew you realized
I was looking for a time to get closer at least to say... “hello”
And I can’t stand to wait your love is coming to my life
When you love someone
just be brave to say that you want him to be with you
when you hold your love
don’t ever let it go
or you will loose your chance
to make your dreams come true...
And I never thought that I’m so strong
I stuck on you and wait so long
but when love comes it can’t be wrong
Don’t ever give up just try and try to get what you want
Cause love will find the way....
When you love someone
just be brave to say that you want him to be with you
when you hold your love
don’t ever let it go
or you will loose your chance
to make your dreams come true...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

JGTC, here we come :)

Dear All,

Alhamdullilah, when i wake up this morning, my body is getting better. Thus, as planned, i decided to went to Jazz Goes To Campus at Universitas Indonesia Depok. JGTC is the oldest jazz festival in Indonesia, this year is their 32nd annual festival.

What i like for this year event is their sponsor is not from ciggarete company anymore (talking about no smoking campaign and go green campaign :)). And the stage is better than last year ( i think they learnt something from last year's event) :D. and i also noticed, that this year, they properly prepare for chance of raining, which is, of course, raining all over from 5 - 9 pn. :(

Oh yes, when i got there, raining is start. Since both of us is hungry, we went to food and beverage stand and got kebab as our late lunch. After that, we went around the stage and stopped at stage C to see Nina Aartsen and Jakarta Broadway Team. I like Jakarta Broadway Team (which consits of UI students i think) they are so theatrical and energetic, reminds me of black american people when they make a vocal group :) )

After that, because of heavy raining, we went to the bazzaar and got cutey and cheapy stuffs. Oh, i love the fact that im on campus area because the stuff that they got there is unique and cheap :p. We back again to stage A and saw ecoutez. But because it's raining and lot people bring umbrella, we can't see anything. all is umbrella, but the performance of ecoutez is good :) we love it.

After that, we went to stage B. they got roof that make us protected from rain. we decided to passed maliq & d'essential (owh, in all jazz festivals we got 'em), kulkul , olma ong and Balawan. we thougt it was just useless went there and can't see anything, instead only listening them under the rain!

We were waiting for Endah n Rhesa. Before that we got eriksondhy project. Endah n Rhesa was brilliant, as usual. Sweet thing is they got married next week. They show off their engagement ring. Aw, so sweet, i just knew that they're couple, no wonder they got so much chemistry in their performance :). When i was in blues festival, lot of people didnt know their song, in JGTC, those college students know by heart and sing together. awh! i think i have to buy their CD :) they sings " i dont' remember, when you love someone, uncle jim and few songs"

then we heading home, i say bye secretly to Olma Ong and was happy to see Endah n Rhesa again.

I like JGTC this year, we also has been prepare it better than last year ( we got rain coat, umbrella, jacket, etc). My opinion is since this is a good jazz event, and they has already know that almost every year they got raining, why dont they move it into 'dry season' like from May - August. My bf (who is lecturer) said that in November-December, all that college students have their free times so they can make such a event like this. Well, i think is more nicely that they move it on july/august since the open-air concept that they uses are needed more sun than rain :)

Next week is JakJazz, but i think we passed it. and the ticket for Java Jazz has already on sale. We will check that we want to buy it or not, since Java Jazz really like bazaar and lifestyle event than Jazz festival itself.

wow, it's almost midnight. I'm going to sleep now, peeps :D.

ps: what i love about this event is... i feel 5 years younger since i surronded by college students. ihiy :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's dinner : indian food


I spent today mostly watching movie on dvd. 3 films : ugly truth, 17 again and laws of attraction. Coincidently, ugly truth and laws of attraction share same idea, which is about men who falling in love with control-freak/though women. At first, the women dislikes the men because they are so laid-off , but turns out they both likes this not-their-type guy. So typically.

For dinner, we went to indian street food near of my home. This is our second visit and we likes the food. Unfortunately, the food that they offers is not much. Today, I got qurma ayam and he got kari ayam. Both turns good as a street-food. If you realy try a good east asian (indian/arabic) food, you can try Al-Jazerra (arabic restaurant) they offers a good nasi kebuli (1 portion for 2 people) with affordable price, and the service is good too :).

Ok, bye now! My body is not feeling well, hope it getting well tommorow as I want to see JGTC! However, last year jgtc remarks not that good memory for me. Heavy rain and crowded audiences! Duh!

Night2 :)

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Friday, November 27, 2009

A family day

Happy Eid Mubarak you all :)

I feel bit sleepy when i typed this, but i just commited to myself that im gonna have daily blogging and i know nobody gonna mad at me if i didnt blog today, but hey, here you are, a today's update!

I wake up with panic shouts from my brother, who just inform me that he's going to mosque and there is no electricity! luckily, 1 hour later, electricity is back again. Today is a family day, threofore, on noon, we went to my dad's house at Bintaro, and we eat "gulai kambing" and ketupat there.

Besides that, we also playing with dad's dog, sammy, and the kids has been introduce us with their new skateboard. I thought, the general skateboard is only with 4 wheels, but, in the future (yes, i did small research) the skateboard improves with lot types, one of them is this. the skateboard with only two small wheels. You really need balances to operate it. Me and my brother try it but it's so difficult for us, grown ups. we even can't stand on it. I tried to reserach the name of skateboard that they have, but i can't find on google (or maybe i was wrong with the name of skateboard that they mentioned to me), however, they bought it on Ace Hardware.

After that, we went dinner to a new steamboat restaurant in Sektor 9, Bintaro. the food is good, but the service is too slow. not bad. :)

enough for today, i'm so happy that we have long weekend, and on sunday maybe i'll visit Jazz Goes To Campus at UI, since the JakJazz ticket is quite expensive and im on tight shopping budget. Hope there is no heavy rain for JGTC this year!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introduce you : Grazia Indonesia Magazine

In the end of Jakarta Fashion week, Feminagroup has just launched new women lifestyle magazine, Grazia Indonesia.

Grazia has targeted to fulfill the demands of fashion and international / national celebs information. targeted to 20 - 45 y.o make this magazine could be read by general adult women. The concept is more like Oke or People. For you, who live in Netherlands, maybe already aware with this magazine :)

Last year, Feminagroup have Bestlife as a new magazine, this year, we launched Grazia, which make me wonder, what they gonna launched next year ? For you, what 'aboard' magazine that you wanna read in Indonesia ? Vogue ? Women's Weekly? Instyle?
Let me know :)

bye readers :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

layout changes

I make some changes, but actually after 7 years with bloggers, i got bored with their basic layout. However, i dont have time to get fancier layout these times. Hopely on December (since i know they have lot of holiday) i can make a new changes for this blogger.

I also make new arrangement on page element and remove anything that didn't work.

Hope you like it :D

What, entrance ticket to Museum Nasional (aka Museum Gajah) only Rp. 750,- (oh yes, single zero)

Hi there,

today is an adventorus day. i kinda like it.

Today, i got day off and went to Museum Nasional (or aka Museum Gajah) and i just got surprised when found out that the entrance ticket is only Rp. 750 (with single zero). I know lot people gonna commenting " with this low price still there is no people that coming to museum ". I know it, but when someone is going to Museum, that means this particular person has already 'commit' to go to museum and when the price is affordable ( i think Rp. 10.000 - 20.000 counts as affordable) people gonna pay it for sure. The price is really shocking us.

And actually, compare to other museums in Kota, this museum quiet good and got a good care for government. This museum divided into two, the old museum and the new & modern museums which good arrangement, good lighting and clear explanation. The museum is pretty big which we takes about 1,5 hour to getting around them.

And yes, it is interesting, you can see our culture and heritage from papua until Aceh. and they gonna see us how rich we are. And they also have "Gold Area" when we can see some our gold jewelry that found in Indonesia.

Too bad i can't take picture inside museum. they doesn't allow us. Only few guests that we see inside museum, most of them is high school students and one or two 'bule'. I dont know this because this is not holiday season or others.

Well, the next museums that im planning to see in Jakarta is Museum Prasasti. Do you have any other advices for museum must visit at Jakarta? i'd love to hear :)

see ya :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


why i cannot upload picture here. Duh, first media really annoys me deh. i can't open some my blogger friends. I heard that they misleading some instruction from depkominfo. They said that they should banned but instead block that spesific website, they block all blogspot websites which includes me.

stupid. hope they work on this asap since i just give my guts to daily blogging again.

Monas, here we come!

Dear there,

so, this is my second post for my blogging challenges (oh no, i'm not gonna give up that easy). Now is 22:45, my tv is still broadcast about Bank Century/bibit-chandra national/hottest case in Indonesia. and this more interesting, since they already mutated Suseno after not-that-clear SBY speech (and lucky i didnt vote SBY back then, so i can critizes him without any guilty feeling attached :p)

ok, enough about politic talking. I already got enough today.

Today, I accompany my dear upik to see Monas (which i completely forgot how to get there, so there are some adventures on bus transjakarta and how to get enter Monas,which still through tunnel), there are some interesting conversation that nice to noted.

J : what is that ? *pointed to Gambir, next to Monas
B : That's Gambir, the busiest and biggest train station in Jakarta (and maybe, Indonesia ?
J : What? that's the biggest and busiest ? it's just like train stasion at Hoofdorp (hoofdorp is a small city in Holland)
B : well, that looks that this station haven't been renovated since your people build that like 100 years ago :p
J : that's what i thinking :D

*after looking on diorama on history museum*

J : why my country have to takes 4 years before acknowledge your independency ? that sounds ridicoulus.
B : haha, i think your country didn't want to lose Indonesia.. really have big..
J : assests, yes.

and then we went to Plaza Senayan to met mr. Busy Berly and my bf, we got dinner on Sushi Tei. It was the lekker one :D

After that we got around Plaza Senayan, and Jeroen bough a pair of Puma shoes there, when im on shopping tight budget, and upik can not decided what she gonna get :D

i really have a good time :) and looking forward for one tommorow. :D

ciao readers, good night !

Monday, November 23, 2009

M-TIX , Easy way to get your 21 movie tickets

Hi there,

I want to share you my new findings, maybe this pretty late for some people. As for me, i heard lot about this, but never applied it.

Yes, this is M-Tix. Mobile ticketing from 21 movie (the bigest Indonesia movie theatre), which make you say bye to queuing.

When i was told to my friend that i can't get 2012 ticket for the second times, because it always sold out when i came to movie, she told me about this M-Tix. On Saturday, when i went to Citos to try my luck for 2012 movie (and i thought, because the issue that MUI gonna banned this movie, make this movie always sold out eventhough CITOS has 3 theaters that screening this movie), i told my boyfriend that i'm gonna apply for M-Tix.

The registrations is very simple. You only deposit Rp. 150.000,- and you has already registered to M-Tix. Yesterday night, i open to their website and reserved 2 tickets for 2012 movie today. And the progress is very fast and simple. i really like it. :)

the next is, i'm gonna reserved for New Moon, but don't know the time yet since tommorow Upik is coming to Jakarta :) can't wait to meet her :)!

Bye for now, readers (if any, hihi) :)

My-Self Blogging Challenge

Dear readers (if any),

Inspired by Julie/Julia Movie Projects, I challenged myself to back to my blogging activity. For this time, I also challenges myself to blog daily, in English and is about everything around my environment that interested me.

I also noticed myself that it could be only a short text and prefer using images / pictures.

This challenges is only for 3 months since until January i have plans that make my life become more interesting than before. And i also challenges myself to become a good blogger, who visiting other blogs and give comments to them (to proves them that my blog is existed)

Ok, time and plan is set. the next post is my first post for this challenges.

bye for now.