Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009


Happy last day of 2009. Now, I have dinner at Teraskota,bsd with my beibeb and mas berly. :)

Happy new year everyone and happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Posting in the middle of night

hi my bloggers,

just when i promised not to 'bolos' to posting, i just skipped about almost 3 days!

well, on friday till sunday, i accompanied my friend, dika, who gonna leaving to Ternate soon because her husband is there and she has able to mutated herself to move there. Last weekend, she had meeting at Hotel Santika and since her room is for two person, but only her that stay there, she invited me to stay at hotel also. So on Friday, i stayed there :D

well, that was like a fresh air for me, escaping from my room in Mampang and Pamulang to stay in different places but still in Jakarta. I enjoyed watching Pay Tv there (hihi) and catch up my old serial tv series ( heroes, desperate housevives, ugly betty ) which i already skipped so long :p

on Sat ( my friend is still training) i went to Pasific Place, that was first time since Jakarta Fashion Week :p) we had lunch at Pancious Pancake (still one of favorite restaurant at PP) and my bf bought Ipod Touch there, wow, im so envy his Ipod Touch, but actually im not big fans of Ipod ( i even barely uses my ipod shuffle).

On sunday, i went to Istana Negara dan Istana Merdeka with Sahabat Museum community together with almmost 1000 people who also went there. The trip actually is short but the abundant of people whose join this trip makes slowing the whole event.

First, we met at Duta Merlin for registration (well, imagine this, almost 1000 people should be registered), then, we listen explanations about Hotel Des Indies which once was located at Duta Merlin, then we walked to Seketariat Negara next to Duta Merlin and from there, we got to Instana Negara with shuttle bus.

Arrived at Istana, we converge at a hall, and the protocol give us some brief presntation about those two palaces. After that, we started touring. Only one Istana that we can enter, which is Freedom Palace since State Palace is still used as a resident for SBY.

At Freedom Palace we saw the metting hall for president and first wife to greet his/her guests which also decorated with lot of art thingies from entire Indonesia. Actually, the palace was not as big as i imagine. As matter of fact, the size just like my grandmas house back then. :D

After touring, we back to Duta Merlin and got Ragusa Ice cream. Overall was nice, but i think Sahabat Museum should limiting their guests. Let's say only 300 people a day and they could make this event as a regular, so people can choose their day not all people joint in the same day. too crowded. Well, im lucky my number of registration is still in 100s, so im on the firsts group whose experiences the tour, but i just can't imagine people whose on 800s. How long they should waited ? Even, when i was about home, i still saw people queueing in the fron of Seketaris Negara, not enter just yet. wow.

I also went to Museum Nasional again, to accompany my beibeb who havent visit that museum. This time, the museum is full with chilidren since this holiday time for them. From that, we back to hotel to got dinner with dika.

And monday, we back to work agaaiin.... huuuh.. but the traffic is quiet. I even can sit on the bus transjakarta. yey :D

and i can't wait to my holiday next week. :D


PS: oh, about why i posting on middle of night. i just wake after a hard stomatchache last night. :(. It was very hard, i was wanted to taken 2 pills paracetamol, but i able to managed myself to not get that extra paracetamol #deritawanita

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

i think it would be nice if i were a man

so it's okay to be less-sensitive, acceptable if you were have messy room/desk, it's okay to go alone everywhere.

and no problem if you were angry and you were not doing anything to make it up. you let us to make it up first to you because you know us can't stand yours angry. They called it simply man's ego.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

reward for my a-month daily blogging

bye boring layout from blogger.

Thanks for Dita, offers lot of backgrounds that make your blog preetier :D

On holliday mood

wooww... im so wake up as if i had day-off tommorow. Not im not. As matter of fact, tommorow i will get morning marketing meeting at office. Huh.

Anyway, today is pay day :D .. it's simply make me happy. hihi.

and mark this, today is also a month after i decided to drag myself blogging everyday. :D I failed two days though! :(

next time better. still get 2 months to go :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Planet 51

is really a boring movie. espesially, if you have already watching the awesome Avatar movie before. :p

Monday, December 21, 2009

The greatest mom in the world!

I browsed through my facebook and suddenly realised that tommorow is Mothers Day in Indonesia.

It's been 6 years without my Mom. Lot things happened, sometimes I still feel envy when someone talks about her mother, eventhough its slightly better than before.

Look mom, I know you gonna proud with what I become today. Because I know you always proud to anything that I going through.

I miss you mom. It still feels not okay without you around. There are still some things that I only want to share only with you, like we always did..

But mom, don't you worry, besides any flaws, I'm still okay and tough. I'm still able to face world everyday.

Thanks for praying for a good man to accompany me. InsyAllah I already got one and this, I'm sure, its because your pray.

Mom, I love you, I always do..

Thank you for being a greatest mom for me.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hey bloggers,

Well yes, i broke my own promise! it's been 2 days im not blogging (as if there's someone care about it :p) The reasons ? well, just say... im bit hangover here. :p

What's going oonn?

well, on friday i got 2 parties attended. First is my bro's kinda-birthday-party at home. Dewi was cooking 'nasi kebuli'. Second is my junior high school after party (of his wedding) which the food wass... errrr amazing and abundant! Dharmawangsa hotel really have a good foodd!

and my friends party is .. so awesome. Well, just think that i too much watched Gossip Girl tv series. But it's kinda me thinks it's like one, though. But is's so nice to have a party that only your friends (not your parents' collegas) that come to your party.

And I also met lot of my high school friends there , and i was using my white gown (and i was drinking chocolate martini, how come im not thinking that it's so GG typical party?). and their special entertain guest is (hold your breath) "Maliq d'essential". It was so awesome watching Maliq d'essential while youre sitting in the front-row sofa. :D

overall, it was very nice :D

and as yesterday, i was watching Avatar. So great. so recommended.

ok, bye bye.. tommorow back to work again and no, at 24 dec im not getting day off. *crying*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sang pemimpi

wake up - going to slipi - lunch at office - going to kedoya - back office - come home early - going to pejaten - eating sour sally - watching Sang Pemimpi (a good one, review later) - eating bubur ayam - typing blog via her phone.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tombak's Birthday

Happy birthday Tombak Matahari!, my bro :)

welcome to big three-zero and may God bless you :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i miss you prameswari

hi all,

I browsed through one of album of my very bestfriend, Jihan. the album titled 'prameswari', which consits of me, dika, upik and Jihan.

That photo album brings my memory back, the half of them is when we had our first trip togehter (which only four of us) to Barcelona. I still remember, how happy we are and also the silly fights that we had there. Just because each of us, really know and understand each habits, we try tolerate, eventhough it was so hard :).

Jihan who so mother-ly, The organized and love-to-clean Upik, the dilligent and it-is-so-hard-and-complicated Dika and me (oh, describe me, girls!). After 6 years, two of us has already married. three of us (including me) find her soulmate in Amsterdam and also in the same year (about 4 years ago, right girls ?

And eventhough we are so apart half-world (literally), just remember we still have each others. And we still have facebook and SMS ;)...

I love you girls. Prameswari.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xmas is in the malls!

Dearest people,...

As planned, today I went to brightspot market, plaza indonesia. For you who doesn't know (my beibeb didn't know until I dragged him to got there), brightspot market is kind of bazaar of young talented indonesia designer. Some of them have their own store, some of them selling it online.

Some names that also participated here are, geulis, cottontink, petite cupcakes, happy-go-lucky. I bought purple shawl from cottontink there. I love it.

What I like to going to malls these days because only on malls we can get the most xmas feelings in indonesia. Despite what religion am I, I love xmas. I think xmas is the universal celebration. The day for everyone that believe in peace as the sweetest thing in the world. Only in Christmas, war can stop. How great is it ?

Plaza indonesia also makes house that made by original ginger cake that created by the hyatt chef to celebrate xmas. Wow! it's like in fairy world :)

The malls decorate by red and green, Christmas choir, big Christmas tree and Christmas sale everywhere. Why wouldn't we love christmast ? I do :)

Bye readers :)
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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Happy weekend!

This morning, i went to Pamulang Permai and bought Rawon for breakfast with my bro and his wife. There was fruit seller there, and Dewi, my sis-in-law bought Cempedak.

Since she was original from south borneo, this fruit is quiet famous there. I, myself, can't find any difference with Nangka, but the smell itself is more like Durian. Strong.

We can eat Cempedak fresh and also with some cooking. Dewi make fried Cempedak and we eat it in the middle of rain. so yummy. We also can eat the seed as well which tastes like peanut.

And we also can eat the skin of cempedak fruit. This originally is Banjar's traditional food called Mandai. First we have to put it into water with salt and wait until the skin is tender. And then we 'tumis' it. it's pretty simple, but i like the after taste that they make :)

happy weekend! maybe tommorow ill visit Brigspot Market to see what they have, but i dont think that this is a right moment, since i want to save for my holiday :p.

bye bye.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Manga : The One I Love

hey, happy friday!

Well, my friday is not that happy, but skip that. we not gonna talk about that in this post.

Do you have your favorite manga author ? I do have. CLAMP is my manga favorite group author and maybe favorite from other manga-lover in my age. Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits, x/1999 is few of their mangas.

What i like for them is, none of their story that have 'bad' enemy. Every of their enemy have 'one mission' which have something good on it, but because of situation, they looks bad, but actually is not. Thus, there is no bad people on CLAMP. But how they tells and also the images are very nice and sweet. and also details.

Yesterday, i went to second-hand book store at Pasar festival, and found one of CLAMP manga : The One I Love (published on 1995). Before, i already saw the Dutch version at ABC, Amsterdam, but, since it's on Dutch, i decided not to buy it (and it costs € 15 as well).

The comic is really beautiful. This kind of different with other comic. They consits of 12 different stories with 2 pages of their own article that explains the manga. And it's all about love. According to wikipedia, it's consider as CLAMP's most autobiographical story ( or love story, to be exact).

Here i cited from Wikipedia about the story inside the manga :

Different: "I wanted to try something a little different, to become a little different." A girl asks to meet her boyfriend in the park after they've had a fight. She wants to apologize, but doesn't know what to say, so she wears a kimono instead. When she meets her boyfriend, she finds that he is dressed up too; he had the same idea as she did.

Cute: "I think 'cute' is such a vague word." A girl reflects on the word "cute" with her boyfriend. She can't visualize "cute," so she doesn't understand why it makes her happy when he says that she is cute.

I Miss You:
"When I can't see you, I don't know if something's happened to you." A girl has doubts about staying with her boyfriend, who has a very demanding work schedule. In the end, he skips work to visit her and she decides that their relationship will work out.

A Younger Man: "It's not like I fell in love with you because of your age." A young woman working at a bakery reflects on a past unsuccessful relationship with a younger man. In the end, a younger bakery worker asks her on a date, and she is hopeful that their relationship will work out.

Suddenly: "Love always happens suddenly." A girl working in a design company thinks about her past relationships, and one of her coworkers, whom she doesn't get along with. When a design job goes wrong and that coworker offers his ideas, she realizes that she is in love with him.

Together: "I just wanted to have something in common with that boy." A girl reflects on her childhood sweetheart, who introduced her to playing the harmonica.

Pretty: "Today's the day I wanted to look my prettiest!" A girl panics as she decides what to wear to meet her boyfriend. When she is late to meet him, she realizes that her boyfriend always thinks she is pretty, no matter what she wears.

Insecure: "I love him, but maybe he doesn't feel the same way." A girl has a dream about being dumped by her boyfriend, and she is worried that it is a premonition.

Courage: "I found the courage because today was a special day." A girl confesses her love on Valentine's Day.

Normal: "How do all those couples cross the threshold from 'love' into marriage." A young woman has doubts about getting married to her boyfriend. In the end, she realizes that even if they marry, nothing will change between them.

Apart: "When we're this far apart, we can't even hold hands." A young woman wonders if her long-distance boyfriend is being faithful. In the end, she finds out that he is very dedicated to her.

Marriage: "I feel like I'm turning into someone completely different." A young woman about to be married is nervous about her future. She is worried that she might change, but her husband reassures her that they will change together.

I really enjoy the whole story!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


getting better.busy at office.eating sushi. another night.

time to sleep now :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Call in sick


Today's is really boring. I spent my day only laying in the bed, call in sick. This diarheaa really kills me, but now is getting better, eventhough, the frequent of going to wc (sorry) is still quite lot, but better than yesterday.

Basically, there is no interesting thing that happening today. Expect, i want to share 2 good news from friend of mine. One is finnaly getting pregnant (after 2 years:) ) and one is finnaly reunite with her husband which residence outside javannese. However the bad news is,both of them is planning to move away from me :(.

You know you're getting older, when you find you have less good friends. but top of that, i'm happy to both of you. good luck!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Buka Semangat Baru

Dearest peoplee,...

Today, i went to JMC Hospital, this diarrhea kills me, then i decided to went to doctor in the hospital near my place. Luckily, my insurance is pay everything. I can just come and go home with some drugs without paying any cash. and i also happy, there is no infection so i dont need any antibiotics.

At home, i open to Raditya Dika website, and found this link that he's recommended Apparently, this is the blogs to support the new campaign of Coca Cola. This also linked to their new ad / jungle. Open happines, is the umbrella of international 2009 campaign of Cocacola.

I like how they translated 'Open Happiness' to Indonesia, buka semanagat baru. Not fully translated, but they still brings some spirits that they have on Open Happiness. Every country also make their own version. Just try to search it on youtube. They do have plenty!

What i noticed is, on Open Happiness original version, the three people that presented on tv ad is origin from differences races that also pictures how differences races they have on US, but they still united. On Indonesian version, you can't see that "Differences but United". What a pitty.

This also happen on Dove Campaign. If you look Dove ads outside Indonesia, you will see how Dove really brings their Sisterhood spirtis with differences races but united, fat or slim, black or white, straight hair or frizzy hair, all are pictures on their campaign and brings the spirit "everyone is beauty".

Here, they are not brave enough to bring that messages. You still see, the major is a girl with white fair skin with long straigh hair. Well the differences only on the lenght of their hair but not their skins nor races.

My question is always same, "Why they don't brave to bring that messages?" I know, all Indonesian people is really willing to be that kind of person. But, hey, how's about the messages of " Every of You is beautiful uniquely? "

How's about that ?

Meanwhile, please listen the jingle ad / music video of Buka Semangat Baru. I kinda like it though :p

Monday, December 07, 2009

This couple is (still) sick!

Dearest one,

I don't know why these two week, me and beibeb got sick easily. After getting cold last week, today, I got diarrhea, one of my always-sick. Apparently, today's diarrhea not only caught on me. My brother and my sister in law also got diarrhea as well. That makes my sister-in-law become a detective to find who's the culprit that make all of us sick. :p

Uh, I feeling not well. Better sleep early.

Bye readers!
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baby's Party

Today, i was invited to my boss daughter's birthday party, Kendra. Thus, me with one of my officemates went there.

It was long time im not in touch with so many babies and kids in one place. It was like heavenn :). Kids chatting, playing and fighting together. They looks so happy with all the presents and goodie bags that they got from the party. they are so naive and cute. how happy and simple they pictures life. I wish adult can remember how they was pictures the beautiful and easy life as they were kids.

After that, i spend my 'me time' (well, my beibeb couldn't accompany me, since he is still get toothache) at Citos. I also bought bought 'Nowhere to Go', A CD from Endah n Rhesa (IDR 25.000) and 'Indonesian Sweet Jazzy' (IDR 30.000) A compilation from old Indonesian songs with a touch of swing jazz. Both of them is good.

So, today is perfect. Thanks Allah. :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lazy saturday..

I spent almost my day in my pamulang's house. Only laying in the front of tv watching Opera van Java. My baby got tootache so he can't eat anything. Poor baby :)

Heaven, after these rough days, what I need are laying and doing nothing :p

Bye, nighty readers.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Please Pray for My Aunty : Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim

Have you heard an author named Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim ? On 80's and 90's she was so popular. Her stories has been published to many newspapers (ex : Kompas) and magazines.

Yes, that great women is my aunty from my dad. Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim. She has been disable since 10 years old, but i always envy her spirtis to keep creative with her spesial skills on writting.

Today, i got sad news from my Dad. He tells that my aunty is got stroke and still on the hospital. Please, my dear readers, pray for her and her healthy and quick recorvery. Amen.

I googled a bit and got my aunty's biography on one of website. I think this pretty interesting since he's also talking about the parents of my aunty, which is my grandpa and grandma. My dad is very rare talking about them, so this article make me understand bit about my dad's family.

Link from

© Duncan Graham 2007

She's one of Indonesia's most prolific short-story writers with more than 300 published. Plus novels, poetry and a basket full of articles. For these she's collected several awards. When she's not writing she's pushing social and cultural causes.

All this makes Ratna Indraswari Ibrahim worthy of respect; add to this her work practices.

For Ratna is severely crippled and cannot write or use a keyboard; all her stories have to be dictated and transcribed. Duncan Graham met the determined author at her home in Malang, East Java.

While the interviews for this story were being conducted Malang was gripped by a bizarre family tragedy. A young Mum who seems to have suffered emotional, domestic and financial problems – and was clearly mentally unbalanced -poisoned her four children, then herself.

Adding to the tragedy is that the mother (ironically named Mercy) used her handphone to video the deaths of her youngsters. She then arranged their bodies neatly on the bed before committing suicide. The local media published the pictures.

Don't bother ploughing through newspaper archives for more details – just wait for Ratna's next story.

"I'm thinking about it," she said. "The seed is definitely there. I have to get my ideas from newspapers and books. It's not easy getting around."

But she does, and has already visited Australia, the US (where she had leadership training), and China. In some places mobility has been simpler than in her homeland. In many Western nations pavements should be smooth and level, and public buildings must have wheelchair-access ramps and wide doors for the physically challenged.

Ratna has been campaigning for similar laws in Indonesia for decades. Back in 1994 she was given a national award by then President Soeharto for her agitation on behalf of the disabled – arguing that the public should see the person, not the problem, and that all citizens have the right to use public space.

But architects and town planners largely remain unconcerned with the plight of Indonesia's handicapped; the legislation is still not in place, ensuring the disabled usually stay indoors.

"I should start a political party," a frustrated Ratna grumbled as an aside. "There are ten million disabled voters in Indonesia. Maybe then the lawmakers would start to pay attention."

It's not just the indifference of politicians that keeps the crippled out of sight. To have a child who is labeled abnormal is often regarded as a curse, proof to the superstitious that the family has committed some grave sin.

Fortunately for Ratna her parents - who came from Padang in West Sumatra, a region with a reputation for practising heavy-duty Islam - were open minded, progressive and liberal,

"I was born in 1949 and had a good and happy childhood," she said. "I could swim and loved playing outside. I was considered to be a tomboy."

When she was about ten tragedy struck. At first it was thought she'd contracted poliomyelitis, though later diagnoses indicate it may be rickets, a disease that softens bones. Whatever the cause, she lost the use of her limbs and has had to rely on others for her daily needs.

"For the first five years or so I was very angry – particularly with God because everyone else in the family was so fit," she said. "All my five sisters were beautiful. However I think I've only written one story expressing that anger – and I can't remember the title.

"My mother, Siti Bidasari, died only five years ago. She lived long enough to see and enjoy her daughter's success. I'm not trying to be immodest, but she was very proud of me.

"When I was young she told me: 'You cannot walk, but you can write. Not everyone who walks can write. You will do much more than other people because God has given you brains to use.'

"It's true that I may not have become a writer if I hadn't been disabled. I love plants and all living things, and I wanted to become a farmer.

"God made me like this so I could be writer. Originally I wrote for myself – and to please my parents, to show them that I could do other things. I didn't want them crying because I was sick."

The home environment was ideal. Dad, Saleh Ibrahim was fluent in numerous languages, an idealistic lawyer who quit his profession over issues of principle to become a businessman. The family did well - it owned a major cinema and the house was full of books. If it was a toss up between spending on haberdashery or hardbacks the novels usually won.

It was also a remarkably tolerant environment. Young Ratna was sent to a Christian school, liked some of the rituals and asked her parents if they could celebrate Christmas with a tree. They agreed – and they didn't prohibit her from talking to the prostitutes at a nearby brothel.

"I was taught not to see people for their faults," she said, "but to look at their characters piece-by-piece." It's a quality she has taken into her literature.

Mum was an admirer of intellectual and diplomat Agus Salim who also came from Padang. He was one of the founders of modern Indonesia and a writer of the Constitution who stressed the value of education.

While other kids were running the streets, kicking balls and testing the limits of their bodies and the physical environment, Ratna was exploring the limitless world of imagination.

She was exposed to the works of Anton Chekhov, Guy de Maupassant, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Hardy, Alexandre Dumas and others. Her parents would suggest books she might like – including Karl Marx's manifesto Das Kapital. This was before Soeharto introduced a ban on all works by communists.

"My parents said they would stand by me and visit me in jail if I decided to join the PKI (communist party), but they'd disown me if I was imprisoned for corruption," she said.

She didn't become a Red, but Marx influenced her to consider the plight of the poor, marginalized and dispossessed – the people who now feature in her stories.

Ratna went to Malang's Brawijaya University where her friends had to carry her up stairs to lectures. She wanted to learn more about human psychology but lost interest and channeled her energies into writing and activism.

For 13 years she chaired a Non-Government Organization (NGO) for disabled people, then founded an NGO concerned with environmental issues. She also works for Yayasan Kebudayaan Panjoeng, a cultural foundation to stimulate and preserve local history and the arts.

Her once secluded 93-year old home in central Malang is now overshadowed by a hotel on one side, and a high school on the other. When prayers and public announcements are made on what must be East Java's most raucous and deafening sound system, the mind hibernates for self-protection.

It hardly seems the ideal environment for creativity, but Ratna resting on a bed in her library while she structures her next sentence to be transcribed by secretary and poet Ragil Sukriwul, doesn't seem to mind. She has many visitors who bring her stories that may eventually find a way into her work.

Then there are the students seeking the magic elixir: 'Please tell me how to write.' Ratna's answer is blunt and direct: "Just do it!" So what sort of courses should they take? "Education is not the same as intelligence."

Relationships between the sexes are a major theme in her stories, with situations growing out of male domination of women in a society that's overwhelmingly dogmatic and masculine, and often violent.

Her female characters are usually semi-urban Muslims struggling with life and injustice, battling to raise families while maintaining a sense of self-worth. Their situations are real. Her popularity depends on her readers identifying with the characters and their daily lives. Surprisingly many of her admirers are men.

There are two main streams of women's literature in Indonesia, the traditional romantic novel (love lit) and the new kid on the shelves, sastra wangi (literally 'perfumed writing') but known elsewhere as chick lit.

Ratna rejects both as "pop writing". Despite her distaste she recognizes that the boom in sastra wangi featuring metropolitan teens coming to grips with their sexuality is encouraging young women to learn more about their bodies, human nature and the world they've inherited. "Better read than gossip," she conceded.

The success of these novelettes (check the number of titles in your nearest bookstore) clearly shows there's a great need among curious youngsters constrained by culture and imposed taboos. But it's the open discussion of sex that worries the 58-year old author.

"Sex belongs to God," she said. "It's a matter between two souls, it's not an issue that should be discussed in the open, or treated as vulgar which is how it's handled by men."

She lumps feminism into the same category because of the stress on sex – though in a Western reading of her work she is clearly a feminist writer striving to empower.

The traditional romantic novel is given the flick because it reinforces what Ratna calls the 'Cinderella complex'. This has a passive young woman waiting for some bloke to rescue her from hardships, then transport her to an abode of bliss. How he's constructed this is of no concern to author or reader.

In this genre the woman does little more than hang around, braid her locks, keep her legs together till marriage and look enchanting. She doesn't have to use her initiative or generate ideas. In fact any outburst of intelligence would probably frighten away Mr Right who has a fixation on body, not brains.

Sadly, claims Ratna, Indonesia is an "autistic country." Most women still believe in the Cinderella fantasy, even as they pummel clothes in streambeds, hump water up hills and fall pregnant too early and too often to male chauvinists.

She also attacks public perceptions of Islam as a religion that oppresses women. "People confuse culture with religion," she said. "Islam protects women's rights. It's the culture that creates the role of women in society.

"I want my readers to think about women, how they are treated, to understand their fate. I want to talk humanity – not feminism or individualism and selfishness.

"Our keraton (Javanese regal) culture promotes mutual support. Human beings were created to help each other. Readers will get what they want from my books."

(First published in the SundayPost 17 June 07)##
copyright of Duncan Graham

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Anyone there ?

After almost 2 weeks being on this self blogging challenge.

I just wondering is there anyone there, reading my blog ?

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I got headache and not in the mood to write anything.

And currently is busy reading this book.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Moon-ing

hi all,

still feels tired after all. I just back home watching New Moon on Pejaten Village.

Well, who you gonna choose ? werewolf or vampire ?

Me personally would like to choose werewolf.

he's warm :p hihi


B : beb, who's you gonna choose if you're bella?
D : werewolf. badannya bagus, kotak2. kalo vampire mah kerempeng....