Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hey bloggers,

Well yes, i broke my own promise! it's been 2 days im not blogging (as if there's someone care about it :p) The reasons ? well, just say... im bit hangover here. :p

What's going oonn?

well, on friday i got 2 parties attended. First is my bro's kinda-birthday-party at home. Dewi was cooking 'nasi kebuli'. Second is my junior high school after party (of his wedding) which the food wass... errrr amazing and abundant! Dharmawangsa hotel really have a good foodd!

and my friends party is .. so awesome. Well, just think that i too much watched Gossip Girl tv series. But it's kinda me thinks it's like one, though. But is's so nice to have a party that only your friends (not your parents' collegas) that come to your party.

And I also met lot of my high school friends there , and i was using my white gown (and i was drinking chocolate martini, how come im not thinking that it's so GG typical party?). and their special entertain guest is (hold your breath) "Maliq d'essential". It was so awesome watching Maliq d'essential while youre sitting in the front-row sofa. :D

overall, it was very nice :D

and as yesterday, i was watching Avatar. So great. so recommended.

ok, bye bye.. tommorow back to work again and no, at 24 dec im not getting day off. *crying*

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