Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xmas is in the malls!

Dearest people,...

As planned, today I went to brightspot market, plaza indonesia. For you who doesn't know (my beibeb didn't know until I dragged him to got there), brightspot market is kind of bazaar of young talented indonesia designer. Some of them have their own store, some of them selling it online.

Some names that also participated here are, geulis, cottontink, petite cupcakes, happy-go-lucky. I bought purple shawl from cottontink there. I love it.

What I like to going to malls these days because only on malls we can get the most xmas feelings in indonesia. Despite what religion am I, I love xmas. I think xmas is the universal celebration. The day for everyone that believe in peace as the sweetest thing in the world. Only in Christmas, war can stop. How great is it ?

Plaza indonesia also makes house that made by original ginger cake that created by the hyatt chef to celebrate xmas. Wow! it's like in fairy world :)

The malls decorate by red and green, Christmas choir, big Christmas tree and Christmas sale everywhere. Why wouldn't we love christmast ? I do :)

Bye readers :)
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