Monday, January 30, 2012

A new year

Jadi, alhamdullilah, di awal  tahun baru ini saya banyak mendapat sesuatu yang 'baru'.

I sign myself to toefl class, try to excercise my english grammar once again.

I sign myself to French course at ccf, learning new language again, when my mind is easily switch to dutch language instead of french. -,-

I sign myself to the reality that I have 3 days of couse in a week, feel like back to highschool again.

I fall in love with Dian Kenangan totok aura wajah, which make me visit to their store quite often.

I start to shop a lot, to change my wardrobe, well, this is something that i should reduce tough. :D but i love to shop :)

So, i feel full of spirit to start 2012. Do you?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Life is not about surviving, but life is about pursuit happiness. 


Life for me is not about stay in my comfort zone. Not. As in my quarter-life, i had already moved about 4 times, means every 4-5 years i had moved once. That doesnt include when i moved house, like in NL, i've already moved my address about 5 times.

That always same apply to me. The idea about moving looks horrible, but the one i moved, i'm gonna enjoy my (new) house. I'm gonna survive. Even once, my besfriend told me, that i am a survivor. :) And i find happines, on my journey. I find my love too.