Monday, January 30, 2012

A new year

Jadi, alhamdullilah, di awal  tahun baru ini saya banyak mendapat sesuatu yang 'baru'.

I sign myself to toefl class, try to excercise my english grammar once again.

I sign myself to French course at ccf, learning new language again, when my mind is easily switch to dutch language instead of french. -,-

I sign myself to the reality that I have 3 days of couse in a week, feel like back to highschool again.

I fall in love with Dian Kenangan totok aura wajah, which make me visit to their store quite often.

I start to shop a lot, to change my wardrobe, well, this is something that i should reduce tough. :D but i love to shop :)

So, i feel full of spirit to start 2012. Do you?

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