Monday, April 25, 2011

Good morning, monday!

It's been long time since im upload pics on my mobile camera. And here it is, random pictures for my random life for 6,5 months marriage life.

tante petty's birthday on Paregu

with Daddy di Semarang :)

with ex-inhollander @ Museum Fatahillah - Mystery of Batavia

@ Java Jazz

This is the best found! foto saya masih kecil :D liat dari kecil cemberutnya udah ada :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prameswari on Skype

yfrog Photo : Shared by

After been 3 years, i decided to instal skype again and chatted with my girls, prameswari.

I was happy and excited, my FirstMedia handle it well, no streaming, clear voice and sound! it was just like talk face-to-face with them :)

Or maybe im just out-of-date, Skype nowadays has improve good quality, back then when i was had my LDR with Beibeb, it took lot of patience to talk with him. Wow, technology does change :D

With BBM, skype, maybe... maybe it's okay if i should having long-distance-relationship again (well, maybe :D).

Monday, April 18, 2011

these days

I'd like to quote from dianarikasari blog

There are many nights I feel like not facing tomorrow and just hide under my blanket. But then under the blanket I would realize that life is about facing and overcoming challenges. It's nice to be scared, because it means that we value results and not just take things for granted...:)

This week my body acted weird, my stomach and my flu, two of my 'usual' sicks came attacked again. I feel my body trying to say something to me.

Fearness. Worryness. Bored. Sick of bad news. Sick of looking forward for a good news. sick of pressure. boredom. sick of traffic jam. sick of waiting. sick of everything-not-working-as-the-way-i-want. sick of hearing others bad news since it makes me sad too :(. sick of sick. sick of the strict of perfectness.

And feel that everything seems not right.

Actually i hate myself doing like this. I love myself when always full of spirit, doing everything with passion. The passion that keeps my responsible and excellent work.

Oh gosh.. hope this phase passed as fast as i blink my eyes. Amen.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


fuuh... mataharinya lg panas2nya banget. Berasa ya, kena matahari sedikit langsung pusing. Rasanya kalau gini harus siap-siap air putih, topi/apapun buat nutupin kepala, dan sunblock :)