Monday, April 18, 2011

these days

I'd like to quote from dianarikasari blog

There are many nights I feel like not facing tomorrow and just hide under my blanket. But then under the blanket I would realize that life is about facing and overcoming challenges. It's nice to be scared, because it means that we value results and not just take things for granted...:)

This week my body acted weird, my stomach and my flu, two of my 'usual' sicks came attacked again. I feel my body trying to say something to me.

Fearness. Worryness. Bored. Sick of bad news. Sick of looking forward for a good news. sick of pressure. boredom. sick of traffic jam. sick of waiting. sick of everything-not-working-as-the-way-i-want. sick of hearing others bad news since it makes me sad too :(. sick of sick. sick of the strict of perfectness.

And feel that everything seems not right.

Actually i hate myself doing like this. I love myself when always full of spirit, doing everything with passion. The passion that keeps my responsible and excellent work.

Oh gosh.. hope this phase passed as fast as i blink my eyes. Amen.

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