Thursday, February 05, 2009

Daily Skin Care

As an active women (hehehe, magazine style bgt :p), taking care her skins is a must, especially on our face. What products that suits you best an? After trial and error on these years, finally i settle up my basic daily skin care with these products. And i am in such the mood that would love to share you what inside my 'secret'.

1. Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash ( Bodyshop )

After tired with Biore Facial Wash for years (esp. on high school years), i tried with this product and suddenly in love the effects that occurs after i used it. It makes you feel clean & smooth in the same time, and also feel soft (that i couldn't get from Biore Facial Wash, it's too strong). Been using this product for 5 years by now and never disappointed.

2. Bodyshop vitamin e moisture cream

Before, i never think that i gonna using any facial moisture, until my face skin is pecah-pecah because the winter and i have so many pimples on my face even though i already wash it everyday. And also another reason is, i feel that my face will be more oily if i used moisture products. And i also been trying few products, before i secretly used my roommate products and turn out that this products went well with my skin. I also tried to another moisture products of Bodyshop, but always back to this vitamin E. Beside, to its smooth, it also quickly absorbded to my skin, so i can apply the face powder immediately. Luv it!

3. Dermozone 2 in 1 cleanser with ozonated olive oil.

This product is my new finding. Even though it stated that originated from UK, i have doubt that this products is even famous in their original continent, europe :.

First, i used this when i got an sample from my office. It turns good for me. Before, i was simply thing that i dont have to have expensive for just cleanser, and i feel right when i used VIVA cleanser (which only cost me 5000) :D, but i just feel right not good or 'wow' feels that i need, and i also used to think that i enough with that bodyshop vitamin e facial wash. But now i do make up, and i think facial wash isn't enough anymore.

Because this product is quite difficult to find (only in several stores), when my sample was over, i decided to change to other product (until i can get any sample again, lol) which is Ponds Cleanser (this time costs me about IDR 12.000) and turned that PONDS product is too much alcohol, that didnt feel good on my face. Thus, when i have chance to back to Dermozone store on Sumenep, i bought this product (about IDR 87.000,-) and i feel happy of it :D. I also try their face mask, and also love that :D ( i got free samples for their face mask and face scrub, big hooray!)

4.SKIN FOOD Fresh Lime Body Cream

This is my bday gift from Lia, my ex-officemate. I love the smeel and feel relax when i apply it upon my body. Overall, this product is good, even though i dont feel to buy it by myself ( I am not big fan of body lotion/cream, besides, i already have dermozone body butter as a replace)

As i already settled up with my skin care products, i haven't settled up yet with my make-up products. I still under trying so many products (espesially the ones that i get free from my office), but still not find my 'soulmate' yet espesially on lipstic things.

What currently i use are :
1. Ultima II face powder (usually, i uses this after i apply moisture)
2. Revlon face powder ( handy on my pocket, for re-touch up )
3. Bodyshop Lip Shine
4. Caring Colours Blush On ( i love the colour when it apply on my cheek)
5. Revlon Mascara ( not that good, but feels okay)
6. Maybelline Eye Shadow (love the color, make me looks so fresh in one brush)
7. Revlon Eye Shadow
8. Bodyshop Eye Shadow(initially, it have two colors but it broken into pieces -.-)

....... and me feels so girly by writting this post..... :D


upi said...

dulu aku suka banget pake bodyshop moisturizer, tapi entah kenapa lama2 tu kayaknya dia ga powerful enough. kalo pas winter, kulitku masih kering en akhirnya aku ganti moisturizer deh.

Anonymous said...

aku malah pas winter cocokan sama bodyshop ini. Emg sekarang pake apa, pik?

a.k.a. Nez said...

hah, seorang bulan thinking of something handy untuk "re-touch up" make up?? *referring to point no 2*

aku paling males tuh re-touch up apalagi kulitku oily pol, jadi 2 jam aja dah luntur make upnya.. kalo di retouch2 terus kulitku malah tambah jerawatan (comedogenic banget seh) jadi ya mualess.. hehehe

kok kamu jadi APPEARANCE CONSCIOUS gini, efek kerja di femina ya bul... :D

Berly said...

so Bulan, couple of time we met you were using those stuff?
But I am sure Deni is more observant of the difference, if any, than I am :-)

bulan said...


mbak nez, km mesti membaca komennya mas berly deh, untuk membuktikan, im still the same one :). Re-touch cuman kalo siang mau ketemu klien/presentasi, yang penting ga keliatan kumel lah mbak :D *lagiaan aku dapet make up gratisan banyak... masa ga aku pake =D*

but, efek kerja di femina? more and less lah, kerja di media dan isinya ce semua. *walo tetep loh, aku begini2 aja :D*

mas berly : yah kalo cuman ketemu mas berly, mas cauf, dan temen2 yg lain mah, ga pernah pake make up or retouch lagi :D. You should see me when im being MC tooohhh...


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