Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cutey house

Well, the house is belong to one on my cousin in Pamulang. Just love her cutey house :)


Friday, November 18, 2011


Just Cavalli - 16/11/2011

More on #jfw2012

I didnt captured lot of picture with my iphone since the light wasnt proper enough for my iphone camera :D. So, im gonna update few photos from this. This year, i think there is no blogger arounds compare than last year, however, there is lot of artist arounds, which make this event more interesting for paparazzi, i guess.

So, if you read my blog at the time i post this, and havent got any chance to see the JFW, just go to Pasific Place asap and bear with the national fashion exhibition :) more photos on www.jakartafashionweek.co.id

*as today, i cant go there ( and not willing to, super tired) and trying to catch up with my deadline.

Monday, November 14, 2011

#JFW2012 - Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

So,.. here we go again.. time goes fast, and JFW is back here.

Suasana Green Room - JFW #2012

Ki Artic Show, Minggu 13/11/11

Eva Bun, Promenade Minggu 12/11/11

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Job #11elevenlive

So, i realize that today 11-11-11 and i've been aware about this #11elevenlive quite while ago, but i just forget that instantly as time goes.

Thus, i think the pic above was really suitable with the topic  that i pick, routine. I just took the pic earlier on this day, with my Iphone 4 and edited it on pic stich and instagram.

Those are my routines, on my job that i involved right now, a PC, a telephone, a calender, and pile of magazines that i work on.

And today, h-4 hours before 12 nov, i still post this on office, since tommorow is the opening of Jakarta Fashion Week, one of big event that my corporate did.

So, this is really the day that I remember. As i know, maybe 10-20 years ahead, the situation will be change, and i will remember this day, as my own 11-11-11 day

* i know, on 10 years ahead, i'll be laugh because of today i use iphone and doing instagram, that maybe on that day it will be so last yearsss... :D

Happy 11-11-11.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

A post a day

Kalau lagi bulan Desember gini, suka tiba-tiba pengen eksis dengan a post a day di blog inih, yang kenyataanya sih selalu ga bisa  *anyway.

long time no post. No specific reason. Or, why i should explain something ?

Di blog ini, aku juga mempost foto ku dan deni di acara kawinan mba tina. No specific reason, just love the our faces who looks so happy. I love our happy faces :)

i love us :* 

Anyway, I really want to post something fashion-ly  like this...

Baju : Pak Buyung Tailor ; Bag : vintage punya mama ; Aksesoris : The little things she needs ; Sepatu : Payless by MAP ; make up : myself & rani ; hair-do : salon