Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What, entrance ticket to Museum Nasional (aka Museum Gajah) only Rp. 750,- (oh yes, single zero)

Hi there,

today is an adventorus day. i kinda like it.

Today, i got day off and went to Museum Nasional (or aka Museum Gajah) and i just got surprised when found out that the entrance ticket is only Rp. 750 (with single zero). I know lot people gonna commenting " with this low price still there is no people that coming to museum ". I know it, but when someone is going to Museum, that means this particular person has already 'commit' to go to museum and when the price is affordable ( i think Rp. 10.000 - 20.000 counts as affordable) people gonna pay it for sure. The price is really shocking us.

And actually, compare to other museums in Kota, this museum quiet good and got a good care for government. This museum divided into two, the old museum and the new & modern museums which good arrangement, good lighting and clear explanation. The museum is pretty big which we takes about 1,5 hour to getting around them.

And yes, it is interesting, you can see our culture and heritage from papua until Aceh. and they gonna see us how rich we are. And they also have "Gold Area" when we can see some our gold jewelry that found in Indonesia.

Too bad i can't take picture inside museum. they doesn't allow us. Only few guests that we see inside museum, most of them is high school students and one or two 'bule'. I dont know this because this is not holiday season or others.

Well, the next museums that im planning to see in Jakarta is Museum Prasasti. Do you have any other advices for museum must visit at Jakarta? i'd love to hear :)

see ya :)

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