Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monas, here we come!

Dear there,

so, this is my second post for my blogging challenges (oh no, i'm not gonna give up that easy). Now is 22:45, my tv is still broadcast about Bank Century/bibit-chandra national/hottest case in Indonesia. and this more interesting, since they already mutated Suseno after not-that-clear SBY speech (and lucky i didnt vote SBY back then, so i can critizes him without any guilty feeling attached :p)

ok, enough about politic talking. I already got enough today.

Today, I accompany my dear upik to see Monas (which i completely forgot how to get there, so there are some adventures on bus transjakarta and how to get enter Monas,which still through tunnel), there are some interesting conversation that nice to noted.

J : what is that ? *pointed to Gambir, next to Monas
B : That's Gambir, the busiest and biggest train station in Jakarta (and maybe, Indonesia ?
J : What? that's the biggest and busiest ? it's just like train stasion at Hoofdorp (hoofdorp is a small city in Holland)
B : well, that looks that this station haven't been renovated since your people build that like 100 years ago :p
J : that's what i thinking :D

*after looking on diorama on history museum*

J : why my country have to takes 4 years before acknowledge your independency ? that sounds ridicoulus.
B : haha, i think your country didn't want to lose Indonesia.. really have big..
J : assests, yes.

and then we went to Plaza Senayan to met mr. Busy Berly and my bf, we got dinner on Sushi Tei. It was the lekker one :D

After that we got around Plaza Senayan, and Jeroen bough a pair of Puma shoes there, when im on shopping tight budget, and upik can not decided what she gonna get :D

i really have a good time :) and looking forward for one tommorow. :D

ciao readers, good night !


Berly said...

Hey, that is an interesting nickname for me

upi said...

abis baca blogmu, aku en mr.J nge-google lagi tentang stasiun di indo. dia masih (rada) ga percaya tentang gambir the biggest there is in jakarta.

naaah, nemunya di Wiki. en disana ga ditulis kalo itu terbesar. penjelasannya didapet waktu baca tentang stasiun pasar senen:
"Pasar Senen Station is the second largest train station in Jakarta after Gambir Station."

bulan said...

hahahhaa... :p

tetep ya ga percaya. :p kalo kata Deni sebenernya yg mau dibuat terbesar itu stasiun kota, tapi dalam perkembangannya, stasiun kota malah ga maju, dibanding stasiun gambir. (gitu2 dibilang plg termaju loh :p, semua kereta ke kota2 besar di jawa pake itu) hihi :D