Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's dinner : indian food


I spent today mostly watching movie on dvd. 3 films : ugly truth, 17 again and laws of attraction. Coincidently, ugly truth and laws of attraction share same idea, which is about men who falling in love with control-freak/though women. At first, the women dislikes the men because they are so laid-off , but turns out they both likes this not-their-type guy. So typically.

For dinner, we went to indian street food near of my home. This is our second visit and we likes the food. Unfortunately, the food that they offers is not much. Today, I got qurma ayam and he got kari ayam. Both turns good as a street-food. If you realy try a good east asian (indian/arabic) food, you can try Al-Jazerra (arabic restaurant) they offers a good nasi kebuli (1 portion for 2 people) with affordable price, and the service is good too :).

Ok, bye now! My body is not feeling well, hope it getting well tommorow as I want to see JGTC! However, last year jgtc remarks not that good memory for me. Heavy rain and crowded audiences! Duh!

Night2 :)

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