Friday, November 27, 2009

A family day

Happy Eid Mubarak you all :)

I feel bit sleepy when i typed this, but i just commited to myself that im gonna have daily blogging and i know nobody gonna mad at me if i didnt blog today, but hey, here you are, a today's update!

I wake up with panic shouts from my brother, who just inform me that he's going to mosque and there is no electricity! luckily, 1 hour later, electricity is back again. Today is a family day, threofore, on noon, we went to my dad's house at Bintaro, and we eat "gulai kambing" and ketupat there.

Besides that, we also playing with dad's dog, sammy, and the kids has been introduce us with their new skateboard. I thought, the general skateboard is only with 4 wheels, but, in the future (yes, i did small research) the skateboard improves with lot types, one of them is this. the skateboard with only two small wheels. You really need balances to operate it. Me and my brother try it but it's so difficult for us, grown ups. we even can't stand on it. I tried to reserach the name of skateboard that they have, but i can't find on google (or maybe i was wrong with the name of skateboard that they mentioned to me), however, they bought it on Ace Hardware.

After that, we went dinner to a new steamboat restaurant in Sektor 9, Bintaro. the food is good, but the service is too slow. not bad. :)

enough for today, i'm so happy that we have long weekend, and on sunday maybe i'll visit Jazz Goes To Campus at UI, since the JakJazz ticket is quite expensive and im on tight shopping budget. Hope there is no heavy rain for JGTC this year!

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