Monday, November 23, 2009

M-TIX , Easy way to get your 21 movie tickets

Hi there,

I want to share you my new findings, maybe this pretty late for some people. As for me, i heard lot about this, but never applied it.

Yes, this is M-Tix. Mobile ticketing from 21 movie (the bigest Indonesia movie theatre), which make you say bye to queuing.

When i was told to my friend that i can't get 2012 ticket for the second times, because it always sold out when i came to movie, she told me about this M-Tix. On Saturday, when i went to Citos to try my luck for 2012 movie (and i thought, because the issue that MUI gonna banned this movie, make this movie always sold out eventhough CITOS has 3 theaters that screening this movie), i told my boyfriend that i'm gonna apply for M-Tix.

The registrations is very simple. You only deposit Rp. 150.000,- and you has already registered to M-Tix. Yesterday night, i open to their website and reserved 2 tickets for 2012 movie today. And the progress is very fast and simple. i really like it. :)

the next is, i'm gonna reserved for New Moon, but don't know the time yet since tommorow Upik is coming to Jakarta :) can't wait to meet her :)!

Bye for now, readers (if any, hihi) :)

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