Saturday, December 12, 2009


Happy weekend!

This morning, i went to Pamulang Permai and bought Rawon for breakfast with my bro and his wife. There was fruit seller there, and Dewi, my sis-in-law bought Cempedak.

Since she was original from south borneo, this fruit is quiet famous there. I, myself, can't find any difference with Nangka, but the smell itself is more like Durian. Strong.

We can eat Cempedak fresh and also with some cooking. Dewi make fried Cempedak and we eat it in the middle of rain. so yummy. We also can eat the seed as well which tastes like peanut.

And we also can eat the skin of cempedak fruit. This originally is Banjar's traditional food called Mandai. First we have to put it into water with salt and wait until the skin is tender. And then we 'tumis' it. it's pretty simple, but i like the after taste that they make :)

happy weekend! maybe tommorow ill visit Brigspot Market to see what they have, but i dont think that this is a right moment, since i want to save for my holiday :p.

bye bye.

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