Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Buka Semangat Baru

Dearest peoplee,...

Today, i went to JMC Hospital, this diarrhea kills me, then i decided to went to doctor in the hospital near my place. Luckily, my insurance is pay everything. I can just come and go home with some drugs without paying any cash. and i also happy, there is no infection so i dont need any antibiotics.

At home, i open to Raditya Dika website, and found this link that he's recommended www.bukasemangatbaru.com. Apparently, this is the blogs to support the new campaign of Coca Cola. This also linked to their new ad / jungle. Open happines, is the umbrella of international 2009 campaign of Cocacola.

I like how they translated 'Open Happiness' to Indonesia, buka semanagat baru. Not fully translated, but they still brings some spirits that they have on Open Happiness. Every country also make their own version. Just try to search it on youtube. They do have plenty!

What i noticed is, on Open Happiness original version, the three people that presented on tv ad is origin from differences races that also pictures how differences races they have on US, but they still united. On Indonesian version, you can't see that "Differences but United". What a pitty.

This also happen on Dove Campaign. If you look Dove ads outside Indonesia, you will see how Dove really brings their Sisterhood spirtis with differences races but united, fat or slim, black or white, straight hair or frizzy hair, all are pictures on their campaign and brings the spirit "everyone is beauty".

Here, they are not brave enough to bring that messages. You still see, the major is a girl with white fair skin with long straigh hair. Well the differences only on the lenght of their hair but not their skins nor races.

My question is always same, "Why they don't brave to bring that messages?" I know, all Indonesian people is really willing to be that kind of person. But, hey, how's about the messages of " Every of You is beautiful uniquely? "

How's about that ?

Meanwhile, please listen the jingle ad / music video of Buka Semangat Baru. I kinda like it though :p

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