Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baby's Party

Today, i was invited to my boss daughter's birthday party, Kendra. Thus, me with one of my officemates went there.

It was long time im not in touch with so many babies and kids in one place. It was like heavenn :). Kids chatting, playing and fighting together. They looks so happy with all the presents and goodie bags that they got from the party. they are so naive and cute. how happy and simple they pictures life. I wish adult can remember how they was pictures the beautiful and easy life as they were kids.

After that, i spend my 'me time' (well, my beibeb couldn't accompany me, since he is still get toothache) at Citos. I also bought bought 'Nowhere to Go', A CD from Endah n Rhesa (IDR 25.000) and 'Indonesian Sweet Jazzy' (IDR 30.000) A compilation from old Indonesian songs with a touch of swing jazz. Both of them is good.

So, today is perfect. Thanks Allah. :)

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