Monday, December 21, 2009

The greatest mom in the world!

I browsed through my facebook and suddenly realised that tommorow is Mothers Day in Indonesia.

It's been 6 years without my Mom. Lot things happened, sometimes I still feel envy when someone talks about her mother, eventhough its slightly better than before.

Look mom, I know you gonna proud with what I become today. Because I know you always proud to anything that I going through.

I miss you mom. It still feels not okay without you around. There are still some things that I only want to share only with you, like we always did..

But mom, don't you worry, besides any flaws, I'm still okay and tough. I'm still able to face world everyday.

Thanks for praying for a good man to accompany me. InsyAllah I already got one and this, I'm sure, its because your pray.

Mom, I love you, I always do..

Thank you for being a greatest mom for me.


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Cika Sugeng said...

I love you, Bulan.. :) I know you're a great and tough one, I know jauh disana she is proud of you..