Friday, November 21, 2008


copy paste dari punyanya Dita

What were you doing ten years ago?
13yo. I was in Banjarbaru, south kalimantan, just enter the first/second grade of junior high school. Hectic with organisations, red cross and theatre and also OSIS.

What are five things on your to-do list today?
A lot actually...

1. Send emails to clients
2. Make proposal package to C company
3. Send emails and more more emails...
4. Going home to Pamulang
5. Finishing K's company payment (done about 5 minutes ago!)

what an AE's life ! :p

Snack you enjoy?
Lays, chitos, any kind of chocolates, AW's waffle sundaes :D and lot more (lazy to mention that, tho)

5 Places you have lived?

1. Jakarta, born here, move away and back here after 13 years for working. Is that my destiny to live in this city? I hate this city so much before and now, i still can't falling in love with this city like i did with others city that i lived before. Weird, ya? But simply because in this city i can't get the simplicity that i like ( independence and easiness to travel a lot in this city alone by myself )
2. Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. Been there for 4 years only. Childhood time.
3. Semarang, Central Java: been there for almost 5 years. SMP and SMA time.
4. Diemen, the Netherlands : Been and lived there for about 2 years. first and second grade college. For first 6 months, i live in college dorm, the famous kiezel and after that move to Arentkrijstraat 59 together with Noy (miss u so much noy!), Citra, Tanti, Bram and Jose and also sometimes mbak Sintha :D. I miss this place and the people, too!
5. Utrecht, the Netherlands : Lived here for 6 months, when i was doing my internship in Radio Netherlands. Everyday always playing with my dearest-princess Anne :)
6. Amstelveen, the Netherlands : I lived here in my last year college about 1 years and 3 months, lived in Uilenstede at 2 places : in Jihan's former room (i forgot the number)for 6 months and in uilenstede 10-52 for the rest before back to Indo at Nov 2007.

Thus, I am quite around so much in my 23 years and i love it, tho. :)

5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. I will build a big big company.......
2. I will travelling around the world (esp to America and East Asian)
3. I will buy a nice house with complete households near Central City ( i mean, if in the future i live in Jakarta i will buy a house in Kuningan)
4. I will buy make a company which help the people around there by giving them job.( inspired by Cimory's yoghurt and milk factory)
5. I will buy anything that my dad's wants.

that's it. Back to worrkkkk

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ah, shut!

Macet banget parah banget. Dari Pamulang jam setengah 7, stuck di pondok cabe sampai setengah 8. Stuck lagi di lebak Bulus sampai jam 8. Masuk tol. Lewat buncit, stuck di imigrasi (deket kosan) terus naik busway. Sampai kantor jam setengah 10.

Hebat. Pamulang macetnya bener-bener hebat. :-( Itu pertigaan pondok cabe harusnya ada traffic light kali ya.... ga bisa gitu terus, parah banget :(

anyway, my sister-in-law punya blog sendiri sekarang, please check it on

Sunday, November 09, 2008


was a special day, when i saw my bf using blangkon and javanesse uniform. When i first saw him, I immediately laugh out loud. It was weird saw his padang face and wear batik sarung and javaness kind of clothes.

was world-is-small day, turned out that the parents of wife of bro's bf is my dad's old bestfriend. And yesterday my dad had reuni with his old friends. Thus, yesterday was kumpulan of bapak2 mau pensiun angkatan 72. it was nice to see them and i also heard kind of " wah Bulan... udah gede yaahh dulu tuh km masih segini -sambil mengarahkan ke arah sekitar lututnya- " Ya iya lah om... sekarang udah gede Bulan :D

was a messed day. Rain was ruin my day.... First i was planned to go to salon about 3 PM and turns out it still raining. Waited untul 4, and found out that the salon that i went couldn't make any sanggul. Panic , I called my bf and decided to just get usual hair blow. Changing clothes in Salon and go find taxi to go to Bogor (it was so expensive, i have to pay 175 ribu for that -.- ) and It was late. My bf late in his only bro weeding party. Duh!. My dad also late, though. Traffic jam everywhere.

was a weird day. I saw my parents meet my bf's parents (never meet before,fyi) in wedding stage.
And hear what they said! " Oh, apa sekaliaan aja Bulannya dilamar ya.... Kapan2 deh main kesana kenalan,"


It feels so wronnnggg..... not now, not now.....