Sunday, November 09, 2008


was a special day, when i saw my bf using blangkon and javanesse uniform. When i first saw him, I immediately laugh out loud. It was weird saw his padang face and wear batik sarung and javaness kind of clothes.

was world-is-small day, turned out that the parents of wife of bro's bf is my dad's old bestfriend. And yesterday my dad had reuni with his old friends. Thus, yesterday was kumpulan of bapak2 mau pensiun angkatan 72. it was nice to see them and i also heard kind of " wah Bulan... udah gede yaahh dulu tuh km masih segini -sambil mengarahkan ke arah sekitar lututnya- " Ya iya lah om... sekarang udah gede Bulan :D

was a messed day. Rain was ruin my day.... First i was planned to go to salon about 3 PM and turns out it still raining. Waited untul 4, and found out that the salon that i went couldn't make any sanggul. Panic , I called my bf and decided to just get usual hair blow. Changing clothes in Salon and go find taxi to go to Bogor (it was so expensive, i have to pay 175 ribu for that -.- ) and It was late. My bf late in his only bro weeding party. Duh!. My dad also late, though. Traffic jam everywhere.

was a weird day. I saw my parents meet my bf's parents (never meet before,fyi) in wedding stage.
And hear what they said! " Oh, apa sekaliaan aja Bulannya dilamar ya.... Kapan2 deh main kesana kenalan,"


It feels so wronnnggg..... not now, not now.....


Berly said...

Ha..ha.. if that is wrong, maybe you should not want to be right.

as LeAnn Rimes said,"You can't escape the moonlight"

The tai-tai (wannabe) said...

hehehe...bulan mo lamaran nieh yeeeee? cepeta bul..jihan aja udah..kapan ni giliranmu?? eh, nti tgl 21 nico dtg,aku suru donlod in room eleven, ato malah kalo ga salah,dia ada satu album..ak ga tau, km dah punya belon nti kalo bisa ditaruhin di rapid share de...kalo ikke ini kan computer illiterate xD