Friday, November 21, 2008


copy paste dari punyanya Dita

What were you doing ten years ago?
13yo. I was in Banjarbaru, south kalimantan, just enter the first/second grade of junior high school. Hectic with organisations, red cross and theatre and also OSIS.

What are five things on your to-do list today?
A lot actually...

1. Send emails to clients
2. Make proposal package to C company
3. Send emails and more more emails...
4. Going home to Pamulang
5. Finishing K's company payment (done about 5 minutes ago!)

what an AE's life ! :p

Snack you enjoy?
Lays, chitos, any kind of chocolates, AW's waffle sundaes :D and lot more (lazy to mention that, tho)

5 Places you have lived?

1. Jakarta, born here, move away and back here after 13 years for working. Is that my destiny to live in this city? I hate this city so much before and now, i still can't falling in love with this city like i did with others city that i lived before. Weird, ya? But simply because in this city i can't get the simplicity that i like ( independence and easiness to travel a lot in this city alone by myself )
2. Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. Been there for 4 years only. Childhood time.
3. Semarang, Central Java: been there for almost 5 years. SMP and SMA time.
4. Diemen, the Netherlands : Been and lived there for about 2 years. first and second grade college. For first 6 months, i live in college dorm, the famous kiezel and after that move to Arentkrijstraat 59 together with Noy (miss u so much noy!), Citra, Tanti, Bram and Jose and also sometimes mbak Sintha :D. I miss this place and the people, too!
5. Utrecht, the Netherlands : Lived here for 6 months, when i was doing my internship in Radio Netherlands. Everyday always playing with my dearest-princess Anne :)
6. Amstelveen, the Netherlands : I lived here in my last year college about 1 years and 3 months, lived in Uilenstede at 2 places : in Jihan's former room (i forgot the number)for 6 months and in uilenstede 10-52 for the rest before back to Indo at Nov 2007.

Thus, I am quite around so much in my 23 years and i love it, tho. :)

5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. I will build a big big company.......
2. I will travelling around the world (esp to America and East Asian)
3. I will buy a nice house with complete households near Central City ( i mean, if in the future i live in Jakarta i will buy a house in Kuningan)
4. I will buy make a company which help the people around there by giving them job.( inspired by Cimory's yoghurt and milk factory)
5. I will buy anything that my dad's wants.

that's it. Back to worrkkkk

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