Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Farewell,.... maybe?

well, a good news is i am a graduate now :) with a quiet good grade :P
wohooo yes i am happy..

but then a bad news, because my lack of plan, i think there is quite big possibility that i have to say farewell to the Netherlands and its contents, and of course, to my lovely friends for these 4 years...

well then, i work out on this issue, to make a possibility to extend , thus, i can apply for pre master here... (well, in my plan, i want to take master with pre master in January) and i still don't know...

i mean, i dont want to leave here, i want to stay here. I love this city. But maybe, this is also the time for me to leave my safety zone, back to home or maybe other country. I don't know, i am scare, i am frightened.

but like my dad said to me, " Leave your worry for a while, and be happy with your graduate. Be happy in your graduation party, you are worth to celebrate it after all"

well, i also want to say thank you for following person (as it stated in my FD);

And I also would like to thank to a bunch of my friends; Chauft, Berly, Dika, Adit, Upik, Citra, Laura, Tanti, and Jihan for the ideas, helps, feedbacks, encouragements, and prays that you gave to me. I really appreciated that.

I dedicated this final paper to my late mother and to my family back home that always encourages, prays, and love me unconditionally. I did it, Mom!

Last but not least, I also thank to my dearest, Deni, who always lend his hand, encourages, supports, accompany, and listen all my moans and grumbles during this final dissertation.

Thank you all. :)


Unknown said...

hai my litle sista..congratz ye..udah jadi sarjana, well proud of u, finally did it..go out and your brother and dewi..congratzz..

The tai-tai (wannabe) said...

Bul.. akhirnya lulus ya?? Congrats!!!
Gimana..balek Indo ato kul lagi???
Uda.. disini ajah.. sama2 master ama aku... nanti makin abis anak2 yg stay di sini... >.<