Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Farewell,.... maybe?

well, a good news is i am a graduate now :) with a quiet good grade :P
wohooo yes i am happy..

but then a bad news, because my lack of plan, i think there is quite big possibility that i have to say farewell to the Netherlands and its contents, and of course, to my lovely friends for these 4 years...

well then, i work out on this issue, to make a possibility to extend , thus, i can apply for pre master here... (well, in my plan, i want to take master with pre master in January) and i still don't know...

i mean, i dont want to leave here, i want to stay here. I love this city. But maybe, this is also the time for me to leave my safety zone, back to home or maybe other country. I don't know, i am scare, i am frightened.

but like my dad said to me, " Leave your worry for a while, and be happy with your graduate. Be happy in your graduation party, you are worth to celebrate it after all"

well, i also want to say thank you for following person (as it stated in my FD);

And I also would like to thank to a bunch of my friends; Chauft, Berly, Dika, Adit, Upik, Citra, Laura, Tanti, and Jihan for the ideas, helps, feedbacks, encouragements, and prays that you gave to me. I really appreciated that.

I dedicated this final paper to my late mother and to my family back home that always encourages, prays, and love me unconditionally. I did it, Mom!

Last but not least, I also thank to my dearest, Deni, who always lend his hand, encourages, supports, accompany, and listen all my moans and grumbles during this final dissertation.

Thank you all. :)


Tombak Matahari said...

hai my litle sista..congratz ye..udah jadi sarjana, well proud of u, finally did it..go out and your brother and dewi..congratzz..

eunice said...

Bul.. akhirnya lulus ya?? Congrats!!!
Gimana..balek Indo ato kul lagi???
Uda.. disini ajah.. sama2 master ama aku... nanti makin abis anak2 yg stay di sini... >.<