Monday, January 25, 2010

Say Hi!


well, i was rethinking about my mission to blogging daily. and it is so hard to do. However, i try to blogging more frequently again, just in order to keep my sane. :)

Actually, the deadlines trapped me into. After holiday, work is abundant, and i have to catch them all. :(

and Bangkok is so inspiring. I love how they treat their tourism. they can sell all their temples to tourist and organize them well. And when i was there, i keep thinking and arguing, why Indonesia can learn from them. We do have similar culture and behavior, we do have same thing to offers to foreign. Beautiful and unique scenery, temples, Asian culture, even Durian!

However, their places are cleaner than us. and they are prepared their tourist spot well. and also their public transportations are so much better than us. me like it so much :)

well, i wish i could do something for Indonesia's tourism, espesially Jakarta :)

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Cika Sugeng said...

hahaha Bangkok is aweeesooome, isn't it??? apalagi kalo perginya sama beibeebbhhh hihihihihih :p miss u bebiii....