Monday, January 04, 2010

How lucky you are...

I wonder, how many times you ever thought that other grass is grenner than ours. I thought, everyone has ever think something like that, because nobody's perfect eventhough how lucky she/he is.

In order to cheer myself up, i am gonna make my " Lucky List ". because i dont need any sadness ruin my newyear spirits. I am a great person, and i always am.

thus, here is it my " Lucky Lists "

- I'm so lucky to have my boyfriend who very kind, loving and caring me on every situation

- I'm so lucky to have superb Daddy who loving me unconditionally. Who always understand with anything that i decided and never ever trying to push me.

- I'm so lucky to have caring bestfriends. Which never asking too much neither advices me too much about any situation that i had, but more than cheering and giving their opinion while i asks. which something good for me.

- I'm so lucky to have Dika, which offering withoug conditions to accompany me while my beibeb was flying back to indonesia.

- I'm so lucky to have family where i can ride back everytime i need it.

- I'm so lucky to have job that challenges me every month and the possibility to meet new people with their knowledge. Eventhough sometimes i feel bored and stress with all the tight deadlines.

- I'm so lucky, i am able to pay my holiday with my own money and realizes my dream to visit other countries outside Indonesia.

- I'm so lucky, to have a room at Mampang, with all nice housemates with also cheap internet connection.

- I'm so lucky to have two netbooks, one at office and one at home. So lucky that my IBM is still keep intact and working eventhough i've been using it almost 7 years.

- I'm so happy that my job now gives me lot of goodie bags with also offers any vouchers which make me able to buy and use branded apparel.

- I'm so lucky to be able study at Amsterdam, which offers me lot of benefit and oppurtinities and also life lessons...

- Above at all, im so lucky to have you, my blog, and you, my blog readers and also my bestfriends who read this blog. because of you, i will always keep my head up.

keep your spirit up and keep your hope to Allah. The best yet to come :)

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