Monday, January 11, 2010

Just arrived from Bangkok :)

Hey, just arrived from Bangkok :). update soon. Now i just finish unpack ( and i hate unpacking more than packing itself :( )

i do updates photos from my trip at Bangkok in my facebook :)

well, just want to share my itinery when i was there :

day 1
Arrived at bangkok at 8 PM, went to Hostel with bus ( Airport Express 2, direct to Khao San Road) and i stayed at Thai Cozy House, which close to Khaosan Road, the places where we can find cheap hotels, favorite for backpackers. and also the places where we can find night life in Bangkok. I love this place, definetly will stayed at this area again, when i have chance to return Bangkok.

day 2

Got to visiting temples which located near of Khaosan road. First, we went to Grand Palace and Emeral temple, sleeping budha temple, Wat Aron, we also take boat along Chaopraya river. In the night we went to Si Lom Bazaar Night, which near of Lumpini Park.

day 3

Now we head to Ancient City, it's kind of miniature park for Thai's culture. It's quite far from Bangkok, it's about 1,5 hours travelling. We took bus 511 from Khaosan Road, until the end of line and after that we took taxi, because we kinda lost. LOL :p.

Ancient City was amazing beautiful. It looks like Taman Mini in Indonesia, but it's very clean and quiet. and it's a huge park as well. Here we can find the miniature for important and valuable places in thailang such us Ayyuthaya, Grand Palace, the traditional house of Thai, Old Market City, floating market, and also the place (i forgot the name) but currently there are dispute between them and Kambodja about who's claim that place.

In ancient city, we took a tram tour to touring the park. After that, we used bicycle to went to restaurant. Entrance ticket is 350 bath, however tram tour and bicycle is free.

We rushed back to Bangkok, because tonight we gonna see Siam Niramit, a thai must see show. the entrance fee is 1500 bath, but, what we got is so awesome performance. Everything was awesome. The effects, the story, and also how they engage with audience. I feel like they thinks out of box performance, the whole theatre is their stage. they could come up for everywhere, doing anything that they like.

What you gonna say, when suddenly from the stage there are river with real water just to show that their life is so close with the river life? amazing beautifully.

After that, we went back to Khao San, and we had late dinner at Indian street food there. yummy.

Day 4

it was a shopping day!

Since it was saturday, we went to chatucak. it's very hot, crowded and HUGE! well, mostly the souvenir and clothes here is so cheap. I spent almost two hours (not enough, btw) to search souvenirs and clothings for myself and my fear friends.

then, we went to MBK, and bought some Durian chips. Well, it looks like ITC here, so i dont buy any fashion thingies. Moved for there, we got to Hard Rock Bangkok, to buy a t-shirt for myself. (well, this is something that i have to do, when i am travelling around the world). Then, we went to Siam Paragon. Well, nothing special, to be honest. :)

Back to hotel, now it's time to try the famous Thai Massage. It costs 200 bath for 1 hour and i like how they massage, not use any oil and not hard. it's a perfect thing to do after you go shopping all day!

day 5
Last day at Bangkok!

We checked out from our Hotel, and i insisted to see a park in Bangkok. We went to Lumphini Park, but when i see it from above (from BTS,sky line metro) we havent interested to explore more, istead we went to Chaopraye river (again) and take a touris boat (it's about 25 bath).

Accidently we found a secret and small but cozy park around Khaosan (it near Phra Atrit Piet), after that we back to Khao San for final shopping lap. LOL :p and took a bus back to Airport.

Overall, it was a nice trip and since we uses " Go Local " trip, the costs is relatively cheap. the cost for food in Bangkok is cheap, find it some cheaper than Jakarta. The cost for public transport is also cheap. The bust only cos 15 - 24 bath, the BTS and sky line is costs 25 -30 bath.

Here my approx cost.

Flight : Rp. 2.200.000.- return. ( could be more cheaper if you book earlier)
Hotel : 650 Bath per day. ( ac , toilet inside, breakfast included)
transport : 150 bath per day kali ya ? :D

attraction :
grand palace : 350 bath
other temples : 50 bath
Ancient City : 350 bath
Siam Niramit : 1500 bath
Food : well, it's variated, if you buy them at food street, pad thai ( fried noodle) is about 40 bath, but if you bought it at Food Court it costs 110 bath. still, it's so much cheaper than Jakarta :)

well, this for now :) hope you enjoy my story. i love to going back again. there are lot of places that i want to visit at Thailand. I also havent visit the beaches, well, i skipped Pattaya, because everyone not recommended it, everyone says Bali is so much better, so for beach trip this year, maybe i'll visit Bali, it's been a while not visit Bali tough :D

bye bye :)

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Oma Nia said...

waaaaaaaa, akhirnya ke bangkok juga! nice nice! gimana, puas ga jalan2nya? semoga ya, tapi aku yakin shoppingnya yg ga puas. ya ga? wekekekke