Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

here is it, i will tell you my new year eve story which.. almost same with last year. hihi :p
So, yesterday, my office mate bring us a 8 litre of ice cream to office in the morning. Thus, we eat them heartly. because actually, there are nothing to do for us, we spent doing nothing at office only chat with each other and enjoying ice cream. after that, i was having lunch at Mbah Jingkrak, our favorite super-spicy javannese restaurant at Setiabudi. then, we back home early.

After that mas berly and beibeb picked me up at kos, then we went to Teraskota. We tried kefir yogurt there. The tastes was nice but the service was slow. however, the price is cheap. only 20,000 for one waffle plus yogurt. Still hungry, we went to pizza restaurant there. pretty nice. However, this our first time to Teraskota, BSD and it was nice place to go (for you who lives around there, of course :p)

Me and beibeb back to Pamulang and watching Spiderman 3 to wait the 00.00, the milestone for 2010.

And today is our first day at 2010! and i just got my first indomie :p

happy new year everyone and wish a happy year ahead. :D

well, for resolution, i think it's gonna keep better and better than last year. Since, i feel there were less major changes on me between this year, so i keeping it better and better :) amien.

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