Monday, May 21, 2007

today's lessons


dika: " did you call me? what's up?"

bulan: " well, i just about wanted to asked you how to delete file in Machintosh"

dika:" ow, and then?"

bulan: " how come they change 'delete' with ' send to trash???" how do i know that sent to trash is delete????

dika: *ngakak*

well, you know, i only used machintosh for free printing. Nah, of course as a communication student i had been learned in machintosh, but only for some basic photoshop and it happend before they changed into Machintos G5! and it was about hmm, 3.5 years ago :D


mas C: "so. how was it?"

bulan: "well, he asked what is logit model analysis, anyway.... i dont know that he will understand :D :D :D "

and well yeah, i just got quick class about statistik from mas C, mas B dan dika. let see what will happen in defense :p


Gayan said...

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Unknown said...

and that is the reason why i moderate my comments :p (referring to gayan balasooriya)

nyhoo gut lak wif da defense. but as long as you sound convincing, they'll eat anything you feed 'em :p

(btw thx for your comment in my blog :D)

v ^_^