Monday, May 21, 2007

A brief history of Blog in Indonesia

this brief history may be can help budiputra to complete the formal history of blog in Indonesia.

There is no clear information about who was the first blogger in Indonesia. However, Enda Nasution , one of famous first generation’s blogger in Indonesia, stated that there were already three generations of blogger in Indonesia until now. The first generation blogger was the people who started their blog in 1998 to 2001. The first generation only consisted of about 100 Indonesian bloggers in the world. Most of them were students or workers majored in IT and web design. The first generation blogger also had their own community which was They also had their own mailing list, which was bloggerian, used the server of yahoo. The content of first generation blogger was about his and her personal experiences. Some of them wrote in English, instead of Indonesian. Majority of blogger were used livejournal and blogger as their blog engine.

The second generation blogger in Indonesia were people who started his and her blog in 2002 – 2003. The blog content of this generation were still similar with the first generation, mostly wrote about their personal experiences. In this generation, the blog communities had been arise such as: blogbugs (national), (Bandung), angkringan (Jogjakarta), tukanglenong (Jakarta), etc. Their behavior were also different than previous generation, they were not only met in cyber world, but also met in real life. In this generation, they used blogger, MT and pMachine as their blog engine.

The third generations were those who started their blog in 2004 until today. This generation overlapped with the second generation, meanwhile, the first generation had been disappeared. Blogger from this generation are more sophisticated in web design of a fully feature template.

In this generation, they are not only written down their personal experiences, however, they also written down various topics such as politic, economy, information technology, media, and lot of various topics. Enda Nasution also stated that in this period of time, the blogger had owned one and two blogs before they decided to stick in their current blog. In this period of time, there are few companies who begin to created their corporate blog, such as: maverick (PR and advertising company), virtual (viral marketing company) and tempo (magazine).

According to survey by BlogFam in December 2005 with 250 samples. We can identify the profile of blogger in Indonesia is as following; most their education level is university level and above and their marriage status is single. The range age is between 20- 30 years old . Furthermore, mostly of them are accessing internet through their office which enabling them to surfing in internet everyday without charges. One third of them are accessing internet more than 7 hours. Besides blogging, another internet activity that they have done when they accessing internet are reading and writing e-mail. Most of them are using as their blog hosting and mostly of them, wrote their personal daily life as their main topic in their blog. Most of them are blogging since 2004. The blog community forums that they subscribe are BlogFam, Blogbugs, Angkringan, Cangkrukan, Tukang Lenong, BBV, Blog Station and many others.

information cited from Enda Nasution in mailing list technoligica, blogfam, and some other sources.

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