Tuesday, May 22, 2007

today's lesson


D : Say, have you read my sms?

B : nope, why?

D : I'm in the meeting...

B : *bit puzzeled* okay...

D: And Pa J using my laptop for the meeting, and suddenly your msn is pop up in the middle of meeting!

B : hehhhh?? hauhauahuahuahauhaua :D why didn't you sign it off before... :p

i checked my msn, and this is what i wrote

bulan@fd says:
cin blum blk?
bulan@fd says:
bulan@fd says:
love you
bulan@fd says:
lama :(

today's lesson

for him: to sign off the msn before he lend his laptop to other people
for me: to check my sms and don't put my phone into silent mode at home :p

1 comment:

Unknown said...

hahahaha.. jadi inget salah satu scene di bridget jones' diary yg no.2, yg pas si bridget nelp pacarnya, trus ma pacarnya diangkat tp speaker-phone mode, dan bridget was like "i miss you already, that was a great shag ... you are such a fantastig shagger.. " lol
dan he was on a board meeting xD