Wednesday, April 21, 2004

something missing

the one that i still have to do :
1. research about Hivos organisation --> my project assignment for this period
2. thinking about airline ticket--> i wanna change from amsterdam-jakarta- amsterdam to roma-jakarta-amsterdam --> also indicates taht my father & brother will go to amsterdam then we will go to rom,a for vacation..... ^^,
3. thinking about id card and registration in The Haque--> at least in this month.
4. thinking about another possibility for my life --> something that i have to thinking a lot... :D!
5. what else yah? clean up my room and learning cooking? another possibily?

hm... after finishing my friends's questionare for her final dessertation... it talks about advertising, probably.
now, i am still wailting michael adam's class for teamwork... 10 minutes again... bbut i am lazy... for attending his class...
ok.. i have to go...

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