Sunday, January 04, 2009

resolution 2009

00.24, and still not sleep yet, eventhough tommorow (or should i say, today?) i have to work as usual after so called long holiday (well, i dont take any day off tough - only in real 'red' dates (tanggal merah-literally translated).

I even not bother to write post, texted, or anything to say," happy new year" because i just dont really wanna do it. something unusual for me.

and actually also not feel to write anything about 2009 resolution, but somehow, i just feel, i have to do it. well, to short out what's on my mind about 2009, and hopefully not just write it down here, but also really work on my resolutions.

Here we go:....

1. More wise on financial matters..

In 2009, i would like have more wise on behalf of financial matters.

More savings,become a wise shopper ( always think what i need this stuff, rather than i want this stuff), be more generous in the matter of 'amal' and think about investment (well, i think tabungan berjangka is something that i can do for this level of stage).
And also savings for holiday......!!!! (first priority : Bangkok!!!!!!!........mas berly and tanti... i did small research today, and the cheapest flight is if we go around May... it still costs 1,5 millions for round trip, thus, mas berly..... let's organize this..... hihihii :D)

2. More healthy...

I planned to be more healthy this year, and hopefully that also signed by loosing some weights :D. Eat more fruits and veggies and less carbs and no dinner would be a nice plan. However, the last one is more difficult than the first one, but just give it a shoot....

3. More hang outs with my new and old friends.

The ideal is able to keep my old friends (from highschool and college) back to in track, able to hang out with them again (well, some reunions with them will do well), and also able to be more social butterflly and able to make new friends. (hopefully that give a oppurtinity for me..... any oppurtinity.. hihihi)

4. Preparing for master school

Before, i planned i could attain my master school right after I graduated from my undergraduated. But everything changes, and i need to re-planned this again. No, i am not to plan have my master this year, but at least, this year, i am able to know, exactly when i can continue my school again. --- lot things to consider, tough.

5. Carreer matter

Hopefully, i am able to get the best (for me, indeed) related with carrer matters.

6. Preparing my future with him

Ok, i just got enough with those classic questions, " when you both get married?" and "what are you waiting for, you already got job, nice partner and why you two just get married,".

I'm enough with those questions. :(

Surely, I thank God to give me a kind and loving boyfriend for this 3,5 years, but honestly speaking, i am not ready to take a vow yet. *big sigh*

Not that i not love him nor not wanting it, but just because i am not ready yet. I am still a young lady of 23th ~~~
But then, this year, i am planning to prepare on it. To make myself ready to face on it. To plan everything so it goes well when the time arises... ~~~ i don't like to be hurry on this matter...

7. Better relationship with The Almighty

Pray more, and routinely. Why it became so hard..... :(

8. Write more

More productive in term of writting and able to get my write published. *no no lazy, that what initially in your mind when you beg for new laptop, tough ;)

ok... this is what i got so far and i think it already cope all things that i have in my mind. Although there is another thing that i'd like to do.... more fashionable..... *uh, i think my office has already influenced me on this...

night night folks.... *duh, i hate mondays...................... :(


Berly said...

great resolutions...hope you can keep them all (especially number 2)

Here is the life section in The Jakarta Globe

Get to know the style and send your article there.

So, when will you both get married?"

Oma Nia said...

Mo kuliah dimana lagi bulan?