Tuesday, November 13, 2007

season changes and all,...

As i tightening my jacket and put more socks into my feet, i am blaming the cold weather. I am blaming the amsterdam weather, the raining and windy. But then, i also murmured, the new season has come, the winter time, not officially tough.

This is my fifth autumn time here, amsterdam. There are lot things happen, and i would thank to all the people who crossed to my path, to let everything happens to me, to make my fate.

today, one letter who maybe will grant me to continue my destiny here has come. I smirk to that letter. there are lot things to be thinking, i can't just say yes to it. Maybe my daddy, as usuall, will let me to do what i want.

But then, there are lot things to be consider, and now, i decided to take it carefully. I dont want to mess with my future. or, i want to challenge my own future, with something that unpredict maybe. Hell yes, i love challenge, but then i scare on it. :p

As i watching sex and the city, i saw samantha yelled, " how can people leave New York, what are they looking?" which Miranda replied, " real world, maybe?".

One asked to me, " Why? Don't you want to live in holland? If you were fluent in Dutch, will you stay here?"

Which i can't reply, because i am just sick with those questions.

Being a reborn person is not an easy thing to do. However, I try to.

As season changes, and people are changes and moving on, but we will always believe that the loved one are still there, in your heart.

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Anonymous said...


dinikmati dan disukuri aja hidup njenengan.. ndak semua orang bisa merasakan hidup kek njenengan..

saya aja pengen bisa ngelencer sekali kali ke negeri orang.. cuma ya itu.. cuman bisa ngelek idu sama nggaruk-nggaruk sirah saja..

saya suka baja blog njenengan.. soalnya saya jadi tau soal kehidupan di belanda sana.. walau saya ini katrok ndeso ndak pernah ke belanda, tapi minimal bisa ndobos soal belanda..