Friday, February 02, 2007

day to day

this month was quiet busy to me, i mean; my assignment, my fd preparation, my organisation, moved to new room and my project.

But then, in the end of this month, everything was clear and finish, i mean again, i already submit my assignments and resits, expect this last project; i already investigate the possibility of my previous fd topic, and it turns zero possibility, then i changed my topic in three days, however, my tutor has already agreed with my topic, tough ;).

My project has done, a bit anti-climax i think :). However, for me the climax was in trinity church, when we got more than 500 euro in 3 hours. People just so generous and very nice. I think, for donating money for good reasons, Dutch people are more generous than Indonesian, don't you? remebering lot of people argues that Indonesian people nicer than western people :p

I already moved to my new room, exact the first building you met when you enter the Uilenstede housing. This is shared bathroom apartment, but i dont think it would be a problem for me, as long it much cheaper than school's accomodation (even compare than ordinary apartment you can find in this Amsterdam) :P
The thing that I realize, i have lots (i mean LOTS)of stuff to bring, thanks to people who help me to bring the Indri's cupboard to my house :D :D :D
and dont ask how could i bring this stuff when i move back home. I am surely dont know :D please just ask me when i will graduate,before you asked how i could bring my stuff :D!

my organisation, yay, finally tommorow is the serah terima jabatan (what's in english?). after two months dealing with this, :)

what else, guess i should back to writing my report, i bit afraid about what should i doing in next 3 months since i dont have any class anymore. :D I know that i should focus on my fd tough, but i still think that i should have something to do more than this. :D

any idea anyone? :D well, i know that i also worked part-time, but i think, you know something more challenging, something new and something who able to support my fd topic.


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