Wednesday, February 28, 2007

food coma + museumkaart

food coma, food coma...

3 days in a row i ate at restaurant due that and this reasons,
well, plus saturday when i made sushi with Dika :p
* first i'd like to take picture for my sushi but no time on it :p we ate it after i finished rolling my sushi. we made salmon sushi, tuna sushi and surimi sushi.
note for next time: buy a sharp knife!!! :p

monday went to Nam Kee enjoyed rice and rosted duck :)
tuesday went to Wagamama, i tried hot chili men, not bad tough :)
*we used a voucher for wagamama so, we could get half discount
today i and ka fedi went to Wing Kee, front of Dun Yong. their sambal and wan tan taste really good , rosted duck is tastes good too :),
* for you who always go to New King and Chang Xpress :P this restaurant also recommended to be visited, with the price similiar with New King.

what else?
my bf will back to Indo next week, yey :D finally i can sms him again instead calling him :D *dont dare to look on my phone bill :D

oh ja,

last monday i went to Rembrandthuis which located near of waterloplein (in direction to NieuwMarkt), then, i make an article about it for Ranesi. click here for read on m y article . my first impression was the house was small and there is no clear sign that that house is rembrandthuis :p this house not really famous. maybe because this house not located near of rembrandtplein :)
after entered it, hmm, i pretty like it, there is lot of good paintings, i like how rembrand played with perspective and of course, light. and i also amazed how he made etching in an metal plate with an acid. really, he is so good in the details.

i love his etching, and he also so narcist :p. he etched his face with some face's expressions. his paintings also influenced by bible stories. unfortunately, his famous paintings, the nightwatch wasnt hang in there. It is on Rijkmuseum :) well, next time i'll definetly visit Rijkmuseum.

i just bought museumkaart, and i am so excited to use it, i get access for 400 museums in netherlands with pay only 15 euro in a year :D. i am planning to go to museum at least once in a week. yes, this is also to fulfill my wish for this fourth year. :)

well, amsterdam historich museum, oudekerk, amstelkring, jood museum, etc will be on next destinations :D yey... :D and not forget, spoorwagenmuseum in Utrecht. I really want to go there :)

just found out that there is Cobramuseum in Amstelveen :D haha, anyone interest to accompany me to go there????

teman2.... ayooo beli museumkaart :p


but it looks like that visiting museums not really interesting for some people. :)

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