Wednesday, February 21, 2007

some conversations

some conversation that i would like to write it up here. no reason actually.


while me, my collega, and my boss in same car to go home. my collega willing to drop me in Bussum Zuid.

boss: so, you live in Uilenstede, which building?
me: building number 10
boss: ow, the first building, isn't it?
me: yes, you knew it!
boss: of course, i've lived there for 6 years
uh, i forgot that he was a lecturer in VU before
me: i am so glad that i got building number 10
boss: really? why?
me: because that's the nearest building to go to metro station.
boss: you are very lazy.


me: so, have you read my latest article?
him: yes, i've read it
me: any comment?
him: hmm, you used formal language. that's pretty odd.
me: *sigh* well, that's company's rules.


me and him on whitesnakelegend mode on

him: my princess :D
me: my hulubalang :D, btw, what's hulubalang in english? is it knight?
him: no, that's difference, knight suppously ride a horse, while hulubalang the one who runs beside him in war field.
me: i c, why princess loves such a hulubalang?
him: :D, how about it? why the princess wasnt loves prince or knight
me: maybe because all of prince and knight has died already, so the rest is only hulubalang
him: uhuh, so i only the last choice, isn't it.
me: seems like it.


in the front of halmemerstraat, calling my boss from my other part-time job. Looking on my watch, i already late for 10 minutes, thingking which reason should i tell him.

no answer
no answer
no answer

uhuh. good. stunned in front of building. One of motorcycle comes in on the park.

he smiled.
uh, i forgot what's my boss face looks like. :D

him: so you're o***
me: *am i with the right person* ehm no, i am bulan
him: ow, so long time ago not see you :D * i belive that he can not recognize the difference in Asian's faces :D
me: grin
him: but, we should meet on 2 o'clock, aren't we
me: uh, i thought we agreed to meet on 1 o'clock , you said that you will coming in 1 o'clock
him: yes, but we should meet on 2 o'clock, but it's okay

miss late bulan will be very on time if it is regarding money :D


dad: have you started your fd?
me: well, a bit
dad: you should start it, at least you should read the articles or books and anything about it, you should search on internet, you should at least make one page in one day.
me: ja ja
dad: if you waitng for your mood to start write on it, that will be useless, mood is not to be waited, you should force yourself work on it.
me: *speechless*


ok, should stop this post here :D gambatte bulannnnnnnnnnnn

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