Friday, April 22, 2005

Sure! should doing more usefull than write in this blog,
i cant avoid my mind to write in here..

after read on my messages archive in messenger..
cant stop myself to write these

i think she was act like she was the right one, the good one, the beautiful one, the wisets one, the more experience one, the first one,..
and i had just bump to come to her life and take one of the important part of her life but unfortunately she didnt realize it untill i take from her away and suddenly now, i've given back it to her again...
and she was acted like ' see, what was i talking... it will back to me, see? '

and he,
he was like 'hey, i can continue my life without you.. '
'hey hey look what i've done without you...see, i am great, am I? '
or ' i am busy sorry, without anything on us, why i should spend my time to you? '

'am I too hiperbolic here? hehehe.. i think I am..

for those people... hmm.. i am sorry, guys..
i take my right as the owner of this place,no offsense! :P

ps: for the second people, anyway, i am happy also with what are you doing and what have you done..
and I am happy with my world now.. :D, bet it!
*pokoknya kalo d semarang you still have to accompany me, no matter what! :P

well, everyone, the rawon that i cooked today was GREAT! i like it,,:D
now i should continueing my assignment in this quiet room,
with MTV in front of me

anyway, now in the MTV there is a japan's movie with netherlands's subtitle...
tee-hee, you can learn japannese and Dutch in one time... would you join me?

speaking about Japan, yesterday i went to Japan Inn in Leidseplein to eat some 'lekker' sushi and Japanesse food..

hmm, yummy... *thanks to Dika.. foto dan cerita nyusul yahhh

*c'mond bulannnn...

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