Friday, September 14, 2012

Being 27

and this post should be consider late because im turning 27 just like 2 months ago. but then im almost not thinking that through being 27 is something 'something' since i moved back to Europe.

So, well, bonjour a tous.

just like my first post in Diemen, i also write some in dutch like, hoi allemal , it consider same

I feel old, being 27 AND JUST TAKE MY MASTER SCHOOL. and btw, people here taking master just directly, so my friends are almost on 22-25 years old. oh my. :p

and when they knew that i am married. again, feeling old. :D

but then, as old proverb says, better late than never. so here i am, struggiling on back to school again :D. Refreshment from work, toh. 4,5 years working in one company is more than enough.

So, how's Toulouse, Bulan?

The weather quite nice compare than my old friend city, Amsterdam. As french people said, beaucoup du soleil, they warm, sun just everywhere and being nice. But today, it's quite cold in the morning, but in the afternoon, back to warm again :)

My classes just... packed. but then it's okay. After working 9 to 5, doing nothing is not my option.

Ah.. i should give you one reason why i should take my master earlier!... because here, the transport cost for people under 26 is... 10 euro per month, while mine should cost abt 42 euros per month ! :p huhuuuu

so overall... i'm okay. Having a husband here has also help me a lot to cope with the culture differences.

but sometimes, i miss my working desk in FG. oh well. 

olright, a bientot.

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