Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I sometimes wonder why lot of people surronds me are complaining because she/he can't take their day off due their business. Not that i'm not believing their, but, just simply take some official day off not gonna make you instantly stamped as a bad employee, ain't you?

We just need holiday. People just need to go away from their residences, to tastes something un-routinely. to keep you sane, i think.

Or maybe you say, holiday takes a lot money. Well, it's not something unsolved, tough, there are lot things to make it affordable, such as: find cheaper destination, could be local destination, the one that you only needs 3-4 hours ride from your home. A cheap holiday also could be a overseas destination. The key is : Plan your holiday ; find promo flight, book promo hotel or go for hostel, travelling with public transportation, or also you can bring/cook your own food to tight your budget. I've done all of those, and those not gonna less your happiness, that's the art of holiday, the one that you can tell and remember.

The important thing with your holiday is you are really have full right to turn off your mobile phone. I know you can't fully ignore with all incoming work calling, but, just answer the urgent ones, the others can wait.

Cloned Dutch people, they have their 21 days day-off (even in their first-year of job contract), when they say their on holiday, universe knows that she/he can't disturb, even bill can postponed (a while) because ones on holiday.

well, in the last, you work your as* hard, you get paid, then you deserves holiday. You're not robot, You're human who deserves be a tourist, curious something new, taste different culture, and having fun with it.

I'm so glad, grown-up in a family that fancy with holiday. I enjoyed road trip to my parent's destination, Malang. I love hanging with my cousins after that. I love tasting local coulinare. I love being out from my home.

And i am so lucky having a husband who thinks the same.

Because life just once, why dont you live it to the fullest ?

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