Friday, March 11, 2011

7 minutes

It's 7 minutes before 1 PM. The lunch break time is almost over. But it's friday, i said to myself. So, what's different. There is flexibility in friday, that's why everyone says ' thanks god it's friday'.

I do, i do love weekend as well, but, when weekend turns quickly into monday morning. My head spinning. Why work should be the one that become your reality, not your life beside work. The time when you meet your love ones, the one when you hang with your friend. Is that because life known as hard, then we choose when we work/doing your business as your part of 'real' life ?

Ok, 3 minutes more. The radio has aired closing song. What should i conclude with this? In front of me, 3 friends are talking about their current status of job, reading competitor magazine and commented this and that, while sometimes joke and tease each other.

1 minute more baby, think about closing, conclusion. No, i can't. I learned life is not about one or two conclusion, it continuous, we will face different problems as we choose our way of life.

ok. tick. 1 PM.

And now my friend, talks about Syahrini, as I gonna push 'send' button.

Finished on 1:01 PM.

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