Monday, March 05, 2007

new skin?

ach wel,

this is so messyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

aduh duh,
why, i only want to punt favicon in my blog, then i come up with ruined my blog,
and when i decided not to use any new blogger anymore which i can put anything on it,
then, everything just messed.

ow i hate it,
why should i change everything here :(
and the picture in the front just not suit with all of it.

aduh duh,
and dunno,

mess mess mess


*is this a sign? :p

some questions (for whom know the answer please help me :D)

1. why my title doesnt bold nor bigger font than others?
2. how to make the line post between each other not like this (itu lo antara post kan ada antara2nya, nah biar dia ga selebar ini gimana?)
3. why the webstat4u (counter) doesnt appear in this messy new blog?

i know that i am not teenager anymore, but i can't help it.
should i change the skin again??
or what should i do now?


Anonymous said...


icon-nya bagus :D *gak membantu yak? hehe

hoke, gak janji, tapi klo skripsi dika udah rada berbentuk (dan itu entah kapan ^^;;), nti dika oprekin

hee hee

h e d y . said...

bul bul... what happened to ur blog???!!! waaahhh everything so messed up... kenapa ndak tanya sepupumu ae... khrisna can u help u i know for sure ;) kapan yaa jalan2? minggu depan ae, i still have class and thesis so a little bit busier than u ;) talk 2 u soon... (^_^)v