Wednesday, March 28, 2007

new skin (again)



this new skin better than before, aight?
and the good things,
this new skin uses new blogger beta which uses xml.
well, don't ask me how i make, because i don't
i just get it from (remember that im a html handycap) and adjust it a bit.

well, actually i dont really like Lord of the rings,
but this template just nice, and i like it :D

well, i also put some posts and photos to my other blog in multiply . if you have time, check this blog as well.

i alo put my review of the newest book of Adithy Mulya in my multiply. Suprisingly, the ninit herself visited my review and commented on it. Wow, the power of blog, tough :)
I am so glad she can accepted some crictis that i give to her book.

well well
back to thesis!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bagus juga skin-nya.
going green...