Tuesday, July 19, 2005

pulang pertama..
pas mama meninggal..

pulang kedua..
zomer 2004, feeling so damn happy..

pulang ketiga,
zomer 2005, feeling? confused and sad..

ill gonna miss this arent krijststraat 59's room
that brings me happines and sadness together,
all our jokes, our little quarell, all our fighting, all our silly debates,
sitting in the front of TV, laughing out loud when was watching Friends, brings food in living room and watching desperae housewives, our little kitchen, our mess kitchen, quarell and quarell, jokes , jokes and jokes..

buat mbak noy, mbak citra, mas jose , bram and tanti, also our regular guest mbak sintha, many many thanks.. :D saya sayang kalian.. :)

*lagi feeling sentimentil.. :D, biasa.. bulan gitu loohh... :)

ost: Jack Johnson- better together yg d ulang terus sampe elek.. tapi, still touching.. arghhhhhh..


Fithra Afriani said...

bulan...udah lama ga mampir...

aRin said...

um.. um, mana ya shoutboxnya *clingak clinguk*

Bullaaann.. pa kabs?