Sunday, February 23, 2003

val's kemaren, baru nonton rumah ke tujuh ama anak2.
ceritanya emg agak nge-bosenin, gampang ditebak lagi!
tapi, agak unik juga sebagai film indonesia!

yah, yg mau aku ceritain...
val's kemaren bener2 lucu banget,
thks buat orang yang sama aku ngerayain valentine kemaren.
during my 17th live,at least i got rose from dwiq
oh ya, i wish all chocolates that i give to you is good taste coz its handmake chocolate.

then, i think i know who peolple that always send good sms to me,
i guess he is 'y'
after school, 'y' like usuall , met me at front of mushola,
he said to me "bulan, what you think if im falling in love again?"
actually, i confuesed what could i say, cause i know he has been broke with her girl 2 months ago.
and why he could falling in love again coz he always said that her girl is anything from him.
and he said that he doesnt want to make a relation again.
uh.. why?
Do a men always fast to changing him mind?


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