Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Life in 2012

As far as i recalled, i never list down, what was happened on me for a recap brief in the end of the year, as many bloggers did. Even though, i've been blogging for 10 years. But this year is different, and added by the fact on this year, i was very rare updating my life story  in this blog, my life is not that boring, au contrary, this year included as one of dynamic year in my life. Let's we jotted down :  

This year begin with me spending new year with my brother's family. My husband was already in Toulouse (since nov 2011). I was alone stay in Rumah Kutu, however to spend weekend, i also registered to French class in UI. In term of work, i offered to move to another magazine (which still in my group). There are lot of stories and dramas behind it. No need to explain it here, but then I understand, I was brave enough to do anything that i think is good for me. And then, I can't pleased everyone. Furthermore, i was offered promotion that I never expected before from people that i wasn't expected will offer me that. But I couldn't accept that, because I choose my family :). I will remain honor feelings that I had as compliment of my hard works before. :)

 I was thought French class in UI was not given any benefit as I expected. thus, i decided was register to IFI French class in Salemba, twice a week (monday and thursday) at 7-9 PM. And also to improve my english TOEFL, i registered to TOEFL Class on UI. So, that was my world. I was went on course 3 times in a week. And to be frank, I enjoyed it. I met new friends in IFI Class. Good for me. I enjoyed my new magazine which offers me new experience. I was also befriend with mba Octa, which my 'swimming friend'. Yes, i managed new hobby this year, swimming.

This first time i was driving to 'far' place which was Kemayoran Jakarta to saw Java Jazz. :D Along the way, this month i was engaged so much with my friends in IFI. After class, usually we talk and chat in Seven Eleven or MacDonald. ( it was me, mba Nata, Nisa and Onny). I also practice swimming more regularly, which get compliments from people surround me. I created new KTP as well, in Depok and also created new passport. Work was busy, more advertorials means more works and more drama with a certain agency (HUH! still mad when i remembered it!)  

This month was the deadline to apply to the university that I wanted. I give myself short break to Bali in the beginning of the month. It was a lovely trip even though my work was demanding too (bbm bunyi muluk). After trip, i was busy to study for my TOEIC test and completed all of my application requirements. It was a last-minute work as usual. :D  

It was my 'galau' month. Everything was 'galau' for me. Life was going as usual. French course, work and waiting the result of my application. It was also my husband birthday. I give him truffle chocolate (ordered online)  

The month that i was waiting for. I was accepted in my university! after i knew that I was accepted, i taken care everything that i need to get visa. In the begging of month, my magazine has created a 3-days event which took me to another drama and problems. I was a nice experience, tough :)

My beibeb was back home for holiday and this was also the time to taken care my visa and prepare everything. Yuppiee.. I was also had short break to Jogja, Solo and Semarang in my birthday. It was also a holy ramadhan month. After I back for my short break, i told my boss that i was about to resign (pst, in his birthday!) And i also had a birthday party with mas Fajar dan mba Tri in office. It was nice :)

Start with a short trip to Padang with big family in Ramadhan time and also to visit my father's hydro energy power in Maninjau. This was lebaran time and also after lebaran break, i resigned and fly to Toulouse. There was something problem in Frankfurt that made my flight delayed and we stranded in Frankfurt for 6 hours. Bad lufthansa!  

Back to college! met new friends and also get the fact, that i was the one and only Indonesian student in class. Getting used with this new city. Happy to reunite with my husband again. And also getting used with the fact that my friends were mostly younger than me. :D *feelingOLD  

Still busy with university, lot of projects to be done. I also visited Mirepoix, a small city near Toulouse. In the end, i got a bad news, my brother got bicycle accident which caused him a break leg. :(  

A one week break, we visited Paris. My father and his wife was come to visit us, so we travelled together in Paris for only 3 days and 1 day in Toulouse. so short but it was a very nice to meet a familiar face again. School is getting busier, I start my school at 9 am and back in 5 pm in almost everyday. Not to mention, meeting projects to be done.  

Yuppie December! School is getting 'tranquille'. and Toulouse was getting colder. But then, the weather was a bit funny. Cold in the first week and after that was getting warmer. Holiday! supposed to study but... , anyway. I was visit Albi and in Thursday, we planned to visit Amsterdam. Yey, can't wait!

All in all, thank you 2012! In the beginning of the year, i even can't imagine how i gonna survive on this year. But, I am survived. Yey, way to go for 2013, Bulan ;).

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Banyak kejadian seru kayaknya nih di tahun 2012.. Kepikiran juga pingin bikin post kayak gini.. ikutan ah... :D